College Recruiting Secret: Parental Conduct MATTERS!

Written By: Chas Pippitt

The truth about college athletics is simple. The evaluation process doesn’t just occur on the field at camps and at games. These coaches are not just evaluating your player, they’re evaluating the entire family. If you’re serious about your son or daughter being recruited and playing at the college level, here are some things to remember that will help your player get to the next level.

Conduct Towards Umpires

Are you at the fence screaming obscenities at umpires? If so, you probably want to stop that. It doesn’t matter how outside that call was. If you’re acting like a fool at your player’s games towards umpires getting paid by the game, just get a life. Recently, this horrible act was caught on film at a 7u baseball game. The reason for the melee was a disputed call by a 13-year-old umpire. Disgusting.

Conduct Towards Coaches

You never know what coaches are around you. If you’re snickering and complaining at every move your coach makes, who knows what college coaches overhear and see that. The last thing a college coach wants is a second guesser or a ‘Monday morning quarterback’. It’s hard enough managing a roster full of former HS stars and their parents without every decision they make being commented on. I asked a few college coaches from NCAA Baseball and Softball about parental conduct and recruiting, here is a quote from a Division 1 NCAA Softball Head Coach:


Conduct Towards Your Player

Are you screaming at your son or daughter while they are on the field? Are you ‘coaching’ them from the stands? Is it common for your player to look at you during the game for instructions? At some point, you have to allow someone else to coach your athlete. Let them spread their wings and succeed and fail on their own. The growth your young player will achieve in that setting can be amazing and transformational. And, you’ll enjoy it more as a parent watching them play instead of telling them how to play. Another coach weight in, this time, a Big West Baseball Associate Head Coach:


Conduct at the Complex

Hopefully, the parents in the video below were drunk. Even if they were, there is no excuse for this type of action at a youth softball game. I'm certain, if any coaches were in attendance, the girls in this game were all marked off the list as you simply can't risk that type of parent being a part of your team culture. As sad as this type of behavior is, its even sadder that this isn't completely abnormal on the travel ball circuit of baseball and softball.

One Last Voice on Recruiting

A high profile softball tournament director and travel ball coach had this to say about his conversations with coaches:


Be a part of the package in a positive way for your athlete. How you, the parent, conduct yourselves at practices and games is a massive part of the recruiting process. Give your young player the chance to achieve their dreams and don't let your actions get in the way.

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