Prowler Pull Your Way to More Velocity

Written By: Dave Shinskie

Prowler Pull Your Way to More Velocity

There is a common misconception that “pushing off the rubber” helps pitchers throw faster. Many pitching instructors still teach this flawed use of this lower half energy, where the back knee/ankle stay back and refuse to drive with the hips.

Tim Lincecum was know for his stride length. He threw the ball extremely hard for his size, but was not sustainable in the the Big Leagues due to the timing issues created by his initial drive down the mound. In this Gif you can see Lincecum’s back leg stay back, which leads him to get far away from the rubber because of the push off. Therefor, his arm fails to get up into the 90 degree position at front foot strike.

Tim L Gif

The easy fix for this miscue is to create a strong first move and sustain the tension in the core muscles down the mound. Learning to use the lower half correctly is a huge advantage to help your delivery feel smooth and strong. Driving the hips, back knee, and ankle together is crucial to start to see velocity gains. The chain of energy that is transferred at front foot strike through the throw is begins with the linear back leg drive. In this video I explain a drill that will help create efficient back leg/ hip drive and promote strength through the core. The Prowler Pulls will help gain velocity in pitching by using weight and tension to let your body know if it is moving optimally.

The Gifs below are great examples of how to use the lower half 

Logan Side

Logan Front Gif

Use the Prowler Pulls to develop an elite lower half. The first move of the delivery is the the most important part of creating the most efficient transfer of energy through the baseball throw. There are many drills you can do to help back leg and hip drive on our site, so check out more of Baseball Rebellion’s pitching articles to help guide you to a better delivery.

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