Sit Down with Minnesota Twins RHP Zack Littell

Written By: Kyle Wormington

Sit Down with Minnesota Twins RHP Zack Littell

Inside the Mind of a Major League Pitcher

Earlier this week I got a chance to sit down with Zack Littell, of the Minnesota Twins. Being able to open the mind and hear directly from a Major League pitcher about their craft is awesome. Here is someone who is amongst the best of the best in what he does in the entire world and being able to pick his brain and have him give our readers some advice is something we are very thankful for.

Here are some things that Zack will talk about throughout our conversation, don't miss it:

  • Pitching Mechanics
  • Pitch Sequencing
  • Mental Approach
  • Pitch Arsenal and How to Use It
  • How to Bounce Back After a Bad Pitch
  • And much more!

Check out the video below.

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