Online Pitching Lessons Available!

Written By: Tyler Zupcic

Online Pitching Lessons Available Now!

Sign Up Today for Online Pitching Lessons with BR Director of Pitching, Kyle Wormington.


If you're looking for online pitching instruction this off-season, we have slots available now! Kyle pitched collegiately at Division-1 program, Valparaiso University before continuing on pitching professionally in the Frontier League. He was named our Director of Pitching in September of 2019. Following Julio Valdez, who is now a pitching coach with the Texas Rangers.

Since then he has been instrumental in changing our pitching program into a more modern, velocity-based program, while still teaching the fundamentals that help throwers stay healthy.

Kyle is available to work with pitchers from 9U-Professional (ONLY 25 SPOTS WILL BE AVAILABLE) and for the month of January, we will be offering one-time pitching evaluations for only $10 (Normally $20)

Online Lesson Video Packages:
-One-Time Mechanics Evaluation: $10! (Sale ends January 31)
-Bronze Package: 3 Videos Each Month: $79/month
-Silver Package: 6 Videos Each Month: $119/month


Not sure about online lessons? Check out a sample video of what you can expect from Kyle.

Sample Online Pitching Lesson Video

Like what you see? Sign up for a one-time pitching mechanics evaluation today!

Sample Pitching Drill Video- Connection Ball Drill

Along with getting a video breakdown of your mechanics, when you sign up for online lessons you also will be given a new drill each video you send!

Check out the Connection Ball Drill video below to get an idea of the kind of drills you can expect from Kyle, alongside BR Pro, Zack Littell:

Connection Ball Drill

The drills allow throwers to focus on hip and shoulder separation while maintaining a shorter arm circle by staying connected. Many throwers I see have a tough time not only creating hip shoulder separation but maintaining that separation through footstrike.

I have throwers start with a stride and stop in order to check their posture, make sure the throwing elbow is in line with their shoulder plane, and ensure they have created good separation. 

Once, throwers are able to stride and stop properly we move into the stride and throw portion of the drill. I use a variance of weighted plyo balls from 5oz to 1lb depending on what I am trying to get the thrower to feel. The main focus of the throw should be to get both the plyo ball and the connection ball to hit the plyo board, what you want to avoid is the thrower pushing the ball.

3 Things this Drill Helps Pitchers With

3. Hip/Shoulder Separation


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A hip/shoulder separation is how throwers create tension across the leading to the ability to produce higher velocity.

2. Arm Connection



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Staying connected to the body leads to higher velocity, better timing, and consistency of throws.

3. Posture



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Maintaining good posture (explained in the first video) simply leads to better overall mechanics, young throwers tend to lean back early which affects the entire throw.

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