Fielding A Bunt

Fielding bunts can be tricky for a catcher. Luke Johnson shows you how to make sure you have proper footwork and arm slots based on where the ball is.

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Tryout Practice Plan for Youth Baseball

Looking for a printable tryout or practice plan for youth baseball or softball? BR Premium gives you everything you need to run the perfect tryout today.

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Receiving Training Progression

Want to get better at receiving but don’t really know how? Luke Johnson takes you through a simple progression you can use at home to get a lot better. You can even get creative if you don’t have weighted balls!

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Timing of the Glove

Luke Johnson shows you where in your movement you need to actually catch the ball. Depending on how you like to receive there are a few different answers for this….

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Working Through The Throw

A great throw to second is so important for catchers. Luke Johnson shows you how you can improve your throw just through footwork. This is great for every catcher, but…

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Rapid Fire

Luke Johnson explains how and why to have your catchers do rapid fire training. Use this to make sure you are receiving each pitch properly. Use rapid fire blocking to…

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Receiving The Corners

Luke Johnson shows you how to best receive pitches on the corners. If you’re already good at receiving strikes, use this to work on receiving pitches on the corners and…

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Net Drill For Casting

Garrett Gordon takes you through a net drill that can show your hitters when they are casting their hands away from their body. This is especially great for younger hitters…

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Front Arm Isolation

Eric Tyler shows you a simple drill that can help you control your direction through the middle of the field. Have your hitter use just their front arm to forces…

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Sequencing And Separation

Luke Johnson shows you how you should sequence your swing in a way that allows you to get the most power you can. This is great for hitters who are…

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Wall Strides

Eric Tyler gives a simple drill to teach your hitters how to properly hip hinge during their stride. This is great for hitters who stand too tall during their swing…

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Ball In The Back Elbow

Eric Tyler gives an easy drill for helping hitters to feel using their posture to get to lower pitches and not just their hands. This is great for any hitter…

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