Drive the Ball to All Fields with a Simple Visual Aid

Written By: Chas Pippitt

Power to All Fields

Driving the ball to all fields is obviously a great skill for hitters to acquire. Many hitters struggle to drive the ball to the opposite field without a slice. Still, other hitters struggle to pull the ball without a hook. We found a simple and easy way to help combat this using a bucket lid and some duct tape.

Bucket Lid Arrow Drill

  • Make sure your arrow is straight
  • Put the bucket lid in the area that contact occurs with the ball
    • Outside pitch arrow is deeper and pointed to the opposite field
    • Inside pitches are further out in front of the hitter and pointed to the pull side
  • Toss or throw pitches to the corresponding arrow location
    • If you're working on the outside arrow, throw the ball outside
  • Tees can be used as well if tossing accurately is a problem

Applying the Bucket Lid Arrow Drill

As you can see, the Bucket Lid Arrow Drill is simple to explain and use in practice or lessons. Make a game out of it with different arrow positions and focuses for different rounds of batting practice. Players will compete and learn at a faster pace with some rewards for doing well and consequences for failure.

One coach even created an Arrow Drill Leaderboard at his practices that the kids really enjoy checking in on their status. If you're looking for even more drills for the upper body and staying through balls to all fields, check this article out from Garret Gordon.

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