Online Lesson Showcase – Hitting with JK Whited

Written By: JK Whited

For my last Online Lesson Showcase, I wanted to show you how diligent and deliberate movement work with the Rebel's Rack can directly translate to hitting in the cage and increase bat speed.  The athlete you will see is a young player who I work with online.  He takes his movement work very seriously but more importantly, he does an amazing job of taking his work to the cage when he actually hits.  This can not go understated.  So many players waste time hitting more when all that will do is compound the mistakes they are already making.  Watch how this player moves almost identically in both of these videos.  You will see:

  • Focused Movement Work - In his movement work, you can see how locked in he is.  From his focus with eyes forward, into his load, and through his turns, he makes sure he moves with purpose
  • Using The Cage - As you can see he fitted the cage to his needs.  By moving the plate and standing on the white line, he uses his surroundings to ensure he continues to focus on his movement execution and less on hitting the ball.
  • Perfect Translation from Rack to Cage - His ability to take his Rebel's Rack movement work directly into the cage is outstanding.  Hitters have to remember that the cage is still movement focused. Regardless of how well the ball might be hit, he doesn't change between swings.  Almost every load to swing is exactly the same in both videos.

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