One Drill to Help Cure Pop Ups

Written By: Eric Tyler

At times in hitting effort can outweigh execution. While the hitter feels that they are trying hard and putting their best effort into hitting the ball, they just don't get the desired output. This is often the case when the hitter's effort is being put into their hands and arms forward towards the point of contact. The hitter feels the aggression towards the ball and feels as if they are doing their best. However, what they are doing is pulling the knob down and towards the ball which in turn is hurting their ability to get the bat on plane.

So how can we take that same effort and input of aggression and get an equal output? We at BR have found success using this simple drill known as the Net Drill. This drill allows the hitter to feel their aggression and starting of the swing in their back hip instead of their hands. In order to do this drill correctly, the hitter must turn or spin the knob behind their back hip in order to get the bat on plane earlier. Getting on plane earlier helps hitters avoid weak contact as well as gives them the ability to make later, quicker decisions in the swing.

Key Points of Emphasis in the Net Drill

Better Bat Path- By turning the knob more efficiently, the hitter will enter the hitting zone sooner. Pulling the knob down can sometimes create a negative attack angle while turning it behind the back hip allows the barrel to work up through contact.

Hit Less Pop-ups- Because the attack angle of the bat is more positive thanks to a better bat path, pop-ups will be prevented as the barrel now works up through contact instead of clipping or cutting the bottom of the ball.

Understanding of How the Swing Starts- Many players consider swinging the bat an upper-body move. With these upper-body swings comes poor rotation. This drill will not be able to be successfully completed unless the back hip triggers the swing.

More Adjustable- With a better bat path comes more adjustability. Because the hitter doesn't have to be quite as perfect, they are able to decide later in the swing allowing them to make better decisions.

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