Mental Markers Series- Timing Drill

Written By: JK Whited


Baseball Rebellion Senior Instructor, JK Whited, talks about timing and how to practice it in part 1 of his Mental Marker Drill Series

Today’s drill will be the first of many in my “Mental Markers Series”.  The goal here is to give you quick and easy drills that you can implement immediately into your practice routine.  Using mental markers, or visual learning, is something that has always helped and I know can help you in your improvement process.

Part 1- Timing and the JK Timing Drill

We all know how difficult timing is in all sports and especially in hitting.  Players can have elite level mechanics and still struggle with the art of timing.  As most of us know, a pitcher’s main job is to throw our timing off in hopes of disrupting our ability to take our best swing or not swing at all.

At The Baseball Rebellion, we do many things through the course of a players progression to improve their timing.  Here is a quick drill that I know can really help all hitters make a quick timing adjustment in practice.  If done properly this drill can yield better decisions and harder hit balls.


Stay tuned for part 2 of JK’s Mental Marker Series on How to Create a Positive Attack Angle.

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