Loading the Hip vs Loading the Quad

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Loading the Hip vs Loading the Quad

Oftentimes hitters load their back leg versus loading their back hip.  Loading the back leg can cause many issues when hitting the ball.  Such as lunging to the ball or spinning off of it too early.

Leg extension versus hip extension is a big deal when it comes to hitting.  When coaches say get in your legs or use your legs that is a somewhat false statement.  When this cue is told to hitters they immediately bend their knees pushing their toes forward.  That move gets you ready to jump which is something that you don't want when hitting.  Instead, let's learn how to load the back hip better so we can consistently hit some lasers and gain some power in the process.

Back Hip vs Back Leg

You will see in the video below the difference when I stride correctly and incorrectly.  The closer the back knee gets to the front of the foot will cause a hitter to extend that back leg instead of the back hip.  We want to load the hip better by getting our back leg in the correct position.

Banded Back Knee Drill Variation

First saw this drill done by Korey Reed, a hitting instructor who is also Rebels Rack movement certified.  When I saw this drill it made so much sense in the fact that it will force any hitter to feel the correct movement of the back leg.  The goal is to help hitters understand how to load and move and this drill does just that!

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