Lesson Price Changes

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Lesson Price Changes

After months of reviewing our finances and going over options, we have made the decision to raise our lesson prices to $70 for 40-minutes for members, beginning Tuesday, July 6. Non-member lessons will go to $90 for 40 minutes.

Trust me, this is one of the hardest decisions we have had to make as a business but with our costs for utilities, baseballs, and softballs, shipping, products, machines, basically everything we purchase, we must raise our prices to keep up with our costs of doing business.

It has been nearly four years since we have had to raise our prices and we held off as long as we could. 

All I ask is for everyone to be understanding of the situation and please direct all questions about the price to myself (Chas@baseballrebellion.com) or Tyler (tyler@baseballrebellion.com) and not our High School age front desk staff

Memberships for current BR clients will remain the same (until they expire) but will change for new members who join after July 5. We will no longer be offering a cage rental membership to new members but current members who have a cage rental membership will still be able to book cage time just like you have been doing until your membership expires.  

Thank you all for being such loyal members of Baseball Rebellion and Softball Rebellion. Your support through the pandemic and over the years has been nothing short of spectacular. We hope that continues as we strive to bring your children the best services and technology available for hitting and pitching on the east coast.

-Chas Pippitt

Founder Baseball Rebellion

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