Learn How to Hip Hinge and Increase Your Power

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Hip Hinge for Increased Power

Get Informed

If you want to hit for power mastering the “hip hinge” when hitting is a crucial part of getting your body primed to hit.  As an instructor, I have found that many athletes don’t know what a hip hinge is, especially common younger kids. Furthermore, some athletes claim to know what hip hinging is but most fail to apply it to their swing. It is one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of the swing mechanics.

What is the Hip Hinge?

Hip hinging requires flexion and extension at the hips while maintaining a neutral spine. Check out the videos below showing you how to perform this movement.  

Stop knee bending

Often times when I ask a kid to get in their legs a bit more they squat more and just bend at the knees.  As a result, this only loads your quadriceps and push your knees over your toes. Therefore, this is not a good position for hitters to be in. The video below will show you what I’m talking about.

Drills to Help Feel the Hinge

Dowel rod drill

-GOAL: The hitter is able to achieve proper posture and spine angle

Noodle Drill

GOAL: The hitter correctly aligns their hips 'underneath' their body instead of slouching their upper back over.

Putting it all Together

Applying it to your swing

Now when we apply this to a players swing it's not as an excessive movement in regards to how much the torso and hips move.  As a result, getting into this position as you stride will increase the speed and efficiency of your turn. Therefore, you will hit for more power!

With the Rebel Rack
With your bat

Hitters that Hinge and Who Hit for Power

Christian Yelich
khris davis
Final thoughts

At the end of the day if you want to be a great hitter there are some important thongs that you need to do.  Understanding how to create separation between your upper and lower body, while hip hinging when you stride is crucial to being able to drive the baseball! If you want to be great, take control of your body and get into a good hitting position.

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