How an Ex-Major Leaguer Changed His Hitting Philosophies for the Better

Written By: Eric Tyler

How an Ex-Major leaguer Changed His Hitting Philosophies for the Better

Always Learning

Just because you played at the highest level, doesn’t mean you know how to teach it. 4-year Major Leaguer Bob Zupcic sits down to discuss his changes in hitting philosophies and how his time in the MLB helps his current ability to instruct. Bob is one of the most passionate men I’ve ever got a chance to sit down with. His energy and love for the game are contagious. 

Bob goes into detail about swing mechanics and explains how one conversation changed it all for him.



First off I want to thank Bob for sitting down with me to discuss baseball, his faith, and everything in between. The first take away I have from interviewing Bob is the passion he has for what he does. It is refreshing in the world of Baseball where everyone seems mad and grumpy to discuss the sport with someone who has loved it from every angle. Player, parent, and coach, Bob has been in each seat.

You can hear his love for the sport through the screen. It is a great reminder for whoever watching that at the end of the day it is a sport, but it can be so much more for so many. There is no need for motivation if you’re passionate about something. 


Aside from how passionate Bob was, his humility was present throughout. Not many former major league hitters have the humility to say “I’m wrong”. Bob’s story about the conversation with his son continues to be my favorite.

The ability of someone who played at the highest level to admit he was wrong and be willing to change and adapt is very rare. And don’t get me wrong, someone who plays at the highest level has every right to ride or die with the way they made it. But, there was something refreshing about Bob being able to understand a better way to do things. 

Life-long Learner 

Along with admitting you’re wrong must come continuing to learn. Bob mentions several times throughout the video not only what he is teaching and instructing now but also how he is constantly striving for the newest information to give to his players.

There is a constant search for knowledge that allows Bob to stay up-to-date in his instruction and allows him to blend his new learning with his prior knowledge. To be frank, this is the best way to go about instruction.

Blending new learnings with prior knowledge only attainable through playing the game at the highest level. This allows for knowledge of the game to be passed down while including new, usable information to help improve the accuracy of training. 

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