How to Train Timing without a Moving Ball

Written By: Eric Tyler

How to Train Timing Without a Moving Ball

Pitch selection is always a struggle with hitters of any age. However, live pitches aren’t always readily available. So where does pitch selection come from and how can we train timing without a moving ball?

The later a hitter can commit to a swing and still get to contact on time, the longer they can see the ball. The longer a hitter can see the ball the better swing decisions they will make. How well a hitter accelerates is vital to being able to wait longer before committing to swing. The good news is your hitters can train timing and acceleration without a moving ball. 

Resisted Med Ball Throws

We’ve posted Medicine ball drills in the past but this version of the drill is my personal favorite to improve acceleration.

  • The hesitation allows the hitter to check their load and make sure their back leg is properly loaded and coiled in order to properly accelerate. 
  • This hesitation also allows the hitter to feel the sudden start of the rotation and the lack of momentum forces them to accelerate properly. 
  • Because they are learning to accelerate instead of just brute force and speed they develop an understanding of just how late they can commit and begin the swing.
  • A better understanding of acceleration will lead to a better understanding of timing in the swing

What to Avoid with this Drill

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