Hitting the Outside Pitch – A Direction Drill for Hitters

Written By: Eric Tyler

Hitting the Outside Pitch

Understanding Direction

Hitter's who struggle hitting the outside pitch usually don't know the direction that they need to be going. Most hitters will either pull-off too early and come around the ball or try to 'push' the ball the other way. Both of those methods are extremely detrimental to the hitters success.

The drill below uses a visual and mental marker with the blade or board. As the player hits, they see the board placed strategically towards the opposite field. The goal is for the hitter to create a barrel path above the visual marker in front of the plate. If they pull off the barrel path, both you and the hitter will be able to see it instantly.

Hitting the Outside Pitch Drill Key Swing Points

Increased Feel of Direction - Most young hitters don't understand how the barrel works differently on different location of pitches. This drill stresses that feel and understanding of the correct direction.

Immediate Feedback - Direction can sometimes be tough to teach. The physical marker in this drill allows both the hitter and the coach to see when done correctly.

Understanding of Posture- When it comes to hitting an outside pitch, posture is key. You will not be able to do this drill successfully without using the correct hip hinge and side bend.

Easily Adaptable- This drill is easily set up and can be used in any setting. All it takes is a board or blade that can be placed in front of the plate. Anything that creates a visual for the correct swing direction.

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