Get Ready for the Playoffs with Baseball Rebellion’s Top MLB Articles

Written By: Tyler Zupcic

2019 MLB Playoff Special

Check Out Our Top Major League Baseball Articles of 2019!

In honor of the 2019 MLB playoffs in full swing, we wanted to give our readers a look at our top MLB articles on our website. Inside this content, you will find swing breakdowns, drills, humor and much more. To get started, check out our top 5 Major League Baseball Articles of 2019 below:


What is one move that is helping Cody Bellinger to an MVP season & helped Babe Ruth to the Hall of Fame? The best part is after you read this you can tune in to watch Bellinger apply this move in the MLB Playoffs!

Mike Yastrzemski Homer at Fenway Park

Check out Mike Yasztremski's first career home run at Fenway Park and how his swing compares to his Hall of Fame Grandfather, Carl Yastrzemski.

Recasting 'Major League' with today's MLB Players

Check out BR's take on recasting the characters of the great baseball movie, "Major League" using today's MLB star players. You will get to see some of these players (and announcers) in the playoffs this year!

Christian Yelich Posture

In this video you will see how Yelich is able to position himself to 1) Rotate extremely fast, 2) Work the barrel up into and through the pitch plane, 3) See the ball better and crush the low pitch. So if you are a taller player who likes to start tall in your stance, there's a good chance this will work for you too.


Even though CJ is not a big leaguer, yet, you will no doubt see him donning an MLB uniform here soon! He is also a great guy. Go check him out on social media and be sure to watch his development on the way to the show!

Have You Heard?

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