Top Hitting Articles of 2019

Written By: Chas Pippitt

Top Hitting Articles of 2019

To end the calendar year we wanted to highlight our top hitting articles of 2019. We have been putting out hitting content since 2011 and this year was our best year yet. And we have you to thank! So sit back, relax, and catch up on our most-read hitting articles of 2019.

1. The Truth About Extension in the Swing

Extension is a very common hitting cue. You hear it at all levels in both baseball and softball. But is that phrase even the best to use? In a previous article, I wrote about how the hitter creates top barrel speed and where the acceleration happens.  In this article, I'm going to discuss what happens next, EXTENSION. Or to use an even better term, 'barrel release'.

Barrel extension in a swing has been cued the same way for a long time.  Like many of you reading this, I had dozens, if not hundreds, of hitting lessons growing up, and apparently did not know the information I know now. Having said that, one cue I remember hearing a lot was "get to extension" or "get extended."  Anybody who studies a high-level swing knows that the arms become extended.

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The Truth About Extension

2. The Best Way to Train for Increased Power

I am going to take you through HitTrax data of ALL ages. The data will show you sessions from hitters from 8u to college for baseball AND softball. Showing the success they have hitting the ball in the air (between 22* and 36* Launch Angle).

One of the biggest things you'll see is that most hitters, especially younger, are unable to hit the ball over the fence in this window.  What these charts do show is that these hitters must CONTINUE to train to hit the ball high. If they learn to hit in these windows as much as possible now, they will eventually give themselves a better chance for homers as they advance. Read through the article to see Baseball Rebellion certified drills to help you hit the ball farther!

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The Best Way to Train For Increased Power

3. Hitting Terms Every Coach Must Know

Do you know today's most commonly used hitting terms? If not, this article will be extremely helpful for you. It's important for moms, dads, coaches, and players to understand these terms. Knowledge is power, and knowing these terms and what they mean will help everyone learn faster and share hitting information better.

Exit Velocity

The speed the ball comes off the bat, this has nothing to do with the bat itself, just the ball once it’s hit. Another term that means the same thing as Exit Velocity is Ball Exit Speed

Launch Angle

The angle at which the ball leaves the bat once it is hit...
Hitting Terms

4. Stop Striking Out with One Simple Move

Strikeouts!  The bane of every coach and player's existence.  Since the beginning of baseball and softball, players have and coaches have hated striking out. It may be surprising to read, but this article is not about how strikeouts are okay.  Also, it is not about how strikeouts can be good outs, or how they're just part of the game.  This article is about limiting strikeouts with one movement change and one approach change.

Approach: See Fewer Pitches

Interestingly, the more pitches hitters see in an at-bat, the less likely a hitter is to be successful.  Most of the 'quality at-bat culture' is just incorrect.  Seeing more pitches does have a place in the game, but in individual at-bats, it decreases success rate.  Period

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Stop Striking Out

5. Increase Power with Side Bend & The Rack Bat

Are you seeing a lot of strikeouts or popups from your son or daughter? Are they rolling over or getting jammed more than you'd like? One of the most likely problems is their posture and the answer is side bend. Side bend occurs as the hitter is turning their bat behind them and (hopefully!) working back up to the ball.

Side Bend is bending towards home plate at the contact position.  The body has now rotated to the ball so the hip hinge in the stance has transitioned to side bend. You cannot achieve proper side bend however without first getting into the proper hip hinge position. Check out our article and drills to get into a perfect hip hinge position. 

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Increase power

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