Why Teaching Rotational Skill Helps EVERY Hitter in the Lineup

Written By: Chas Pippitt

Every Hitter in the Lineup Benefits from Increased Rotation Skills

Rotational Power with Rebel's Rack Bands

Why Teaching Rotational Skill Helps Every Hitter in the Lineup

Coaches, instructors, and players all over the country have asked me about the Rebel's Rack Movement Certification Course. I've fielded lots of questions about the course.

The main one that stuck out to me was the common yet incorrect assumption about the course.  Many people are assuming that only power-hitting players would benefit from the training. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

Check out how each spot in the lineup WILL benefit from learning how to rotate faster and more efficiently.

Top of the Lineup (1-2)

The leadoff and two-hole hitters are generally fast and put the ball in play a lot. These players usually do not strike out much and make a solid bat to ball contact frequently. Also, these players usually see lots of pitches. This allows the middle of the lineup can be prepared for the pitcher's arsenal.

These players are fast, so every ball they hit has a chance to be a double. So why not have them hit more doubles? Rotational Power doesn't mean you have to swing and miss more or pop out more. In fact, the better you accelerate the bat head the better you can see pitches. Because of this, the hitter can decide to swing later in the pitch flight.

Leading off the game with a double or a triple is a great way to put the other team on their heels. Top of the lineup hitters with power are extremely valuable to each team they are on. They set the tone and give the opposing team lots to think about defensively. Skipping first base early in the game allows your offense more options as well.

Power Hitters (3-6)

Obviously, power players hitting the ball harder and farther is a good thing. Taking someone who has hit lots of home runs and making them hit the ball far more frequently is clearly a good idea. Usually, these players do not possess the speed needed to beat out grounders or run the bases aggressively.

For that reason, it makes no sense to have your slowest and largest players hit the ball low or in the infield. These players must produce runs by hitting extra-base hits at the plate. Because of this, increasing their rotational skill and power output will help them do that.

Bottom of the Lineup (7-9)

Usually, these hitters are not as strong contact wise as the top of the lineup hitters. Likewise, they never have the power of the middle of the lineup. These hitters, however, are the biggest chance for improvement on the team. Turning the number eight hitter into a three-hole hitter is possible with proper rotational movement skill work. It is very likely that some of these hitters have poor rotational skill and speed.

Because of this, allowing time at practice to teach these players to turn can impact bottom-of-the-lineup hitters the most! Most of the time, these players have been 'hitting' extra for years and years. It is unlikely that a few extra bad reps will magically change them into a more influential hitter in your lineup.

But, improving these players' rotational skill and speed can create more good hitters in your lineup. More good hitters will help generate more runs either by driving them in from the plate or being driven in from the bases.

Better Rotational Skill, Higher Exit Speeds, and More Runs

Scoring runs clearly is the key to winning games from an offensive perspective. Having more players who can hit the ball harder more often will lead to more runs overtime. Training rotational skills to each and every player in your lineup can uncover hidden hitting gems.

These newly trained rotation experts can now implement this new turn speed into every single hitting drill you design and use. This makes every drill used at practice more impactful and more likely to translate to harder hits in the game.

The Rebel's Rack Movement Certification Helps All Hitters

As a coach, learning to teach the turn efficiently and properly will make each player you coach better. No matter their current skill set or a swing style, introducing and stressing correct rotational mechanics will improve your hitters. Almost always their exit speeds will increase almost instantly and how far they hit the ball will go up as well.

Don't be afraid to show your nine-hole hitter how to turn, who knows, maybe your nine-hole hitter becomes your new leadoff. Having more good hitters is never a problem! I will say that writing the lineup can get tricky with six three-hole quality hitters on the team. But then again, those are the types of decisions every coach wants!

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