Baseball Rebellion’s Shape Shifter Series – with JK Whited

Written By: JK Whited

Today starts a very exciting series of mine called "The Shape Shifter" series.  This hitting drills series was born out of a training aid that I created to help one of my athletes who was having trouble with body positioning.  Whether you need help with head positioning during the load or swing, hinging, etc, the Baseball Rebellion Shape Shifter Hitting Drills series is 100% for you!

In today's video we will highlight:

  1. Getting the hips to start your stride, not your front foot or leg.
  2. Simultaneously getting the upper body "back" and positioned properly.
  3. Keeping the upper body position back during the turn/swing.
  4. Bonus, not pulling the hands across during swing.

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One thought on "Baseball Rebellion’s Shape Shifter Series – with JK Whited"

  1. Shawn Hermosillo says:

    This is the kind of content that I love from BR. Stuff that I can use with the kids that I coach. Thank you!

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