Pro Concepts – Max Hip & Shoulder Separation

Written By: JK Whited

Creating Max Hip and Shoulder Separation

"Hip and Shoulder Separation" is a "buzz" phrase used in the baseball world commonly and is extremely important.

I wanted to get into something that could help you or your players achieve maximum separation.  We are of course talking about the stretch between the upper body and lower body.  This action is the source of a hitter's power.  Having said that, there are more components to power the just bast speed such as barrel accuracy.  This move, however, is something that can only be seen in the more nimble players.  This is why I choose Bo Bichette.  In this video you will see:

  1.  How a smaller athlete can maximize their size.
  2. How to practice shoulder/pelvis control in your house.
  3. Understand exactly where real bat speed originates in the body.


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