Get Off Your Backside and Stride Properly with the Long Stride Drill

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Help Your Swing By Striding Forward

In regards to tempo and timing, the Long Stride Drill is great when done correctly.  Hitters who feel that they are spinning off the ball are probably caught on their backside.  Being able to move forward during your stride is key to getting the most out of a hitters swing. 

This is for hitters to gain a better understanding of how early they start to load, the tempo they move at, and overall body control.  

What Are We Trying to Correct with this Drill?

  1. Tempo: I am very big on how fast and how smooth my hitter’s stride in lessons.  When hitters are forced to start in a more narrow stance they have to start earlier to time the pitch.  The early preparation gives them time to set up their body with a good hinge at the hips and a slight turn in with their upper body. Moving smoothly while staying controlled is key here. 

2. Swing Direction: Since we are striding farther the hitter's body will move forward more than normal.  When hitters keep there head back as they move forward this helps set their body up in power positions.  The forward motion will help their swing go where it needs to go. Since the ball comes from the middle of the field (pitcher) we need our body to stride that way properly so we can react to the pitch with the correct swing direction. 

3. Getting off of Your Backside-  As I mentioned before, hitters who have a tendency to get stuck back and spin-off the ball have minimal forward movement. Feeling the longer stride, in my opinion, will help free up the hitter's movement patterns and get them comfortable with starting early and moving the hips forward. 

Keep in Mind

Hitter's, especially young ones, will have a tendency to drive their head forward during this drill. This is extremely detrimental to hitters and put's them in terrible positions that hinder their success.

If we have the hitters focus on striding with their hips and moving them out farther, then we are creating the proper angles needed to drive the ball into the outfield.

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