Load Your Back Hip For More Torque and Power

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Loading in the Back Hip for More Power

When it comes to maximizing your rotational power there are a lot of things that will come to mind.  Here at Baseball Rebellion, we know for a fact that your body has to work a certain way to do so. In this article, I will be explaining how creating torque with your back foot in your hitting stance can lead to better and more efficient swings. Most importantly, how loading into the back hip can help increase your power.

What is Torque?

The scientific definition of torque is simply applying rotational for to and object.  Meaning that it is twisting motion. This concept is mainly applied when moving weight during a bench press, squat, and deadlift. 

When you create torque you create tension allowing your body to work in a more efficient and safe way. The gif below is a good visual of what torque is.  As you can see when to externally rotate my hands and arms I can bend the PVC pipe.  This is torque and what I have created is more tension.

gif for torque1

Why You Need to Create Torque

Creating torque with your back foot is something that every hitter can accomplish.  The swing starts from the ground and works up through your body. As a hitter who is trying to create more force, it all starts with you preparing your body to do so. Such as loading into the back hip.

Creating torque with your back foot creates tension through the inside of your foot, leg and all the way up into your back hip. This allows hitters to truly feel what it is like to turn into their back hip.  As a result, the hitter will start there swing from where they feel the tension. This is stored energy allowing you to use it when you rotate into the ball.

Lastly, another benefit on why you need to create torque from the ground up is that you gain hip stability.  Meaning that you will have better body control allowing you to have a better swing direction.

Banded Knee Drill

I know I am performing the drill barefoot.  But you do not have to, just make sure you are activating your foot properly within your shoe or cleats.  Do not try to externally rotate too much.  If you try and screw yourself in the ground too much you will become too stiff and slow.  Therefore do not try and create 100%  torque it should feel like you're in the ground but not exaggerating it.

Final Thoughts

If you want to maximize your rotational force, power and consistency understanding how to use torque is something that you need to consider.  As I have said before there are a lot of things that go into having a good swing.  Meaning as a hitter there is always something that can be tweaked or slightly changed to improve.

The goal is to hit the ball hard, far and consistently and that all starts with how you prepare your body to do so.  My favorite quote ever from my former head coach Sam Riggleman goes like this "The accumulation of little things, in fact, is not little".  This is something that I try and apply to my life every day and now hitters need to apply this same mindset as well.

Therefore, taking the time to not hit a million balls off the tee or front and truly break your swing down to work on the little things will be key to your success.  Athletes who make it far take ownership of their mistakes and what they need to work on. If you want to be the best you have to practice and spend time fine-tuning your skills.

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