Josh Horton Interview: Post Season Wrap Up

Written By: Chas Pippitt

Josh headed back to Hillsborough after his season with his head held high.  After a beginning filled with uneven playing time, a cross country trade, and offensive struggle, Josh ended up hitting his stride with the Bowie Baysox.  Bowie, the AA affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles had exactly what Josh was looking for:  Every day playing time and the opportunity to prove himself as a valuable mainstay in the lineup.

I spoke to Josh the other day at I.T.S. Baseball, as he’s already started training and working on his body with Will Fox, our Director of Performance.  Josh had this to say about his season:

Josh Horton Interview

Some interesting takeaways from this interview:

  • Josh’s commitment to using “vision” as a trainable skill.  I agree with Josh that vision is a constant oversight by many players.  As most of you know, the HeadRight HeadLight Drill is a great way to train vision and ‘use vision as a tool that can be practiced’.  See that HERE.
  • Focus during batting practice not only as a warmup but as a way to re-enforce the movements and to also have a real plan during BP.
  • The idea of “arbitrary results” in baseball.  Josh talked to me a lot about how he felt great in his swing and was hitting the ball really hard even when he was playing minimally in AAA for the A’s.
  • The value of really looking at baseball swing mechanics in a smarter way to help maximize a player’s ability.
  • The value of NOT Overtraining in the weight-room.

The last thing you can take away is that I will never have a career as a radio interviewer.  I didn’t even introduce Josh…or myself…Terrible.

You can see Josh’s full season stats below.  Notice the August numbers that represent his best year in the minors at any level as well as his slow start in May.  This goes to show some coaches and players, that all people need sometimes is an opportunity to prove themselves and that a slow start does not define a season.
Josh Horton MiLB Statistics

Great job Josh on a good overall season and a red hot finish. With the solid start to his off season, I expect big things for Josh and whichever team decides to give him a shot.

Chas Pippitt, Leader of the Baseball Rebellion


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6 thoughts on "Josh Horton Interview: Post Season Wrap Up"

  1. Mike Pozdol says:

    Good stuff and you definitely don’t have a radio career in your future. Josh is a great guy and Michael really enjoyed meeting him in Bowie this past season. Glad to see how well his season turned out after the trade. Any insight on where he is heading next – I thought I read he is a free agent now?

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      My questions were awful…

      Not sure on where he’s headed next but he’s already working. Someone is going to get a great clubhouse guy and a .300 hitter. SOLID.


  2. Jon Ball says:

    I hope Josh makes it as a player because he has some serious flaws in his teaching.

    This is a sample lesson I found on athleticscience.com and Josh is telling this poor girl to swing down on the ball to avoid popping up. Very disappointing.


    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      I can’t see the video. Not sure what he’s saying.

      I always tell people this about professional players: They main player they’re concerned with is themselves. That’s the difficulty of current pros teaching.


      1. Jon Ball says:

        He is telling this girl who is popping up to level out her shoulders and swing down on the ball.

        Her swing looks pretty good but she is simply not squaring up the ball. A lot of times when people are popping up, I see a correlation to their head moving up and or down.


        1. Chas Pippitt says:


          Again, I can’t see the video but I get what you’re saying.

          I can see your observation as well as being a prime reason for mis hitting the ball. When is the hitter’s head moving? In the turn or in the stride?

          If there is head movement up forward or down in the turn move, that’s clearly not optimal. Sometimes, even the best hitters will drive their heads backwards during the swing.

          I’ll shoot Josh a text…One thing I can say is Josh knows his stuff…So there may be an underlying reason for that instruction.

          Sometimes a hitter can dump the barrel, look like their in a good position/movement and not be. Josh’s instruction could work then…but I’m reaching…


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