Increasing Strength & Flexibility During Hitting Practice

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Increase Strength and Flexibility In Hitting

We have used the Rebel’s Rack, power bands and the rack bat attachment in many videos.  This drill combines all three creating a drill that will benefit almost all hitters. Whether you’re a young little leaguer or a Division-1 athlete you have yo be able to side-bend

Getting hitters to feel a certain movement is crucial for them to learn it. Having them increase strength and flexibility while practicing hitting is rare. Thankfully we have tools and drills such as this one to accomplish that. Not only will hitters get into side-bend better they will also get stronger due to the resistance the bands create.

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-One Rebel's Rack

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The Biggest Benefits for Hitter's From this Drill

Feeling The Transition From Hip Hinge to Side Bend

Many Hitters struggle with this the most especially on low and in pitches. Often times hitter think they have to clear their upper body out of the way to reach low pitches.  This results in top spun balls to the hitter’s pull side. Getting hitters to feel the transition from hinge to side bend will allow them to crush those lower pitches just by improving their posture.

Gaining better body control and Awareness

Since the bands are attached low and the increased length of the rack bat it will force hitters to have to control their “Turn”  much more. Again if we can get hitters to feel where their body needs to be and how it needs to move. Only then we will get hitters to do what we want.  Creating a difficult movement like this will enforce good posture and overall body control.

Core strength and Range of Motion Through the Spine

A Lot of young hitters lack core strength and stability.  With the bands it will force them to get stronger or else they will be falling all over the place.  This will also help hitters gain more range of motion due to the fact they have to hold their side bend throughout the turn.  By going faster while doing this drill properly it will make them stronger with the correct posture.

Don't be a Hero

We need the bands to create some resistance but too much resistance will cause some bad habits.  If your hitter is young and small then using just one black band will be enough resistance.  After the hitter gains more control, technique and speed then you should add more resistance. Therefore don't try and do too much to soon, master the movement and feel the side-bend then load the movement even more.

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