Front Shoulder From Flying Open

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Front Shoulder Flying Open

How The Front Shoulder Flying Open is Related to the Load

Everyone talks about the hands, swing up, swing down, swing level, leg kick for power and the list goes on.  Instead of all that for now let's talk about one of the biggest power killers in a lot of hitters' swings.

The inability for a hitter to get loaded properly, causing their front shoulder to fly open too soon.

Stay Loaded Longer

Sometimes we see hitters start their swing with their front foot still in the air.  People and coaches will immediately yell “ get your foot down!” Yes, your front foot needs to get down but that is not the root cause of the problem. The importance of getting your body prepared (loaded) to hit properly is what needs to be understood. Or the hitter will never hit as well as they potentially can. Below is a video comparison that will show you what to look for and then a drill on how to fix it.

Banded Back Elbow Drill

THREE Takeaways From This Drill

1.Mind-Body Connection- 

  • Many hitters lack the ability to actually feel and understand what they need to do to properly hit the ball hard.
  • At the end of the day, your swing and ability to hit the ball will be on you.
  • By simply becoming in tune with how to move and load will you set yourself up to have the best chance to hit the ball. 
  • Once you can repeatedly load to the right position while getting to launch is when you're figuring it out. 



  • Everyone wants to be good yet they do not want to take the time on their swing. 
  • Hitting off the tee, front toss, BP and off a machine is great! But what people don’t understand that it takes even more than all that to actually make mechanical and changes in your posture to get the most out of your swing. 
  • Those who dedicate time on the field, off the field, and in the weight room are the ones who get better. Because of this, have a chance to keep playing longer than most.

One thought on "Front Shoulder From Flying Open"

  1. Jimbo Scruggs says:

    Just to help you some, the guy on the right isn’t quite in launch position when he starts turning. He hasn’t transferred his weight to he front foot yet when he begins to turn. If he’ll give himself a little time there and allow the transfer, his front hip to quit sliding forward and his front leg to brace, before he turns, his power will really shoot through the roof with almost no effort. It’s the difference in the kids that look like they’re swinging with everything they have and not hitting as hard as the ones that seem smooth and effortless (like a Yelich last year). All else equal, it’s the difference in opposite field singles and power alley bombs. Kids, mine included, struggle with this because they’re anxious and trying too hard, and often don’t have enough leg strength to really make this happen until they mature. Just food for thought to help you help some of your better kids a little more.

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