JK Whited’s Pro-Concept: Height Change

Written By: JK Whited

How Christian Yelich's Posture Helps Him See the Ball Better

If you are a taller hitter who is struggling to hit the low pitches, learn how Yelich 'sinks' lower to help change his eye level and crush the low pitch

In this week's Pro-Concept video, I want to put Christian Yelich on display.  This guy has been on a tear for the last few years.  There is one interesting aspect of his movements that I wanted to show and that is his height change.

Standing at 6'3, Yelich really uses his height well but I see so many that don't.  What does he do differently that might work for you? HE GETS SHORTER.

In this video you will see how Yelich is able to position himself to:

1) Rotate extremely fast

2) Work the barrel up into and through the pitch plane

3) See the ball better and crush the low pitch

So if you are a taller player who likes to start tall in your stance, there's a good chance this will work for you too.

Twitter video courtesy of @HyattCraig. If you don't follow Craig on twitter, change that now. He provides some of the best hitting videos, GIF's and instructions on twitter!

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Great breakdown JK, it was fascinating to see how much height he loses before he starts his swing. My question concerns the concept of “keeping your head still”… when does that part of the equation come into play?



Great question and perfect timing! That particular topic will be covered in an article/drill video that will be posted to BR Premium on Monday. Stay tuned..