Case Study: More Than Just a Good Swing

Written By: JK Whited

The following Case Study shows the growth of two very different 10 year old boys, Tyler and Brennan.  Tyler came into the program with no previous professional instruction and Brennan came in with many lessons under his belt.  What both boys had, and every hitter in lessons needs was the right attitude, dedication, and an open mind that allowed for  tremendous growth.  Enjoy the videos below and see the evolution of two young hitters.

Tyler H, 10 Year Old Client

I started working with Tyler almost 2 years ago.  As you will see from his initial evaluation video, he came in with very little technical skill.  Below, you’ll see Tyler’s unedited evaluation video uploaded into Powerchalk and a sample example of how we can use video analysis software to show our hitters their mistakes, and eventually, their successful changes.

After looking at the video above, anyone can see that Tyler clearly needed some guidance.  Using the strengths in Tyler’s approach, his aggression and intent to crush the baseball, we began to move him into very athletic, yet stable positions.  These changes allowed him to channel his energy from the ground up, and use the bigger, stronger muscles in his body.  Over time, Tyler used his arms less to provide the power in his swing and engaged his core and front leg to drive his hip turn and power production.  After those changes, we were able to begin teaching him to direct his energy upwardly through the path of the ball.  Not only does Tyler hit the ball harder after our training, and his hard work, but also has much better contact much more frequently.  

Changes this dramatic often times need a helping hand.  Our ‘push in the right direction’ came from Will Fox, Director of Performance at I.T.S. Baseball, who has also been working with Tyler to help improve his muscle function and mobility.  With his new strength, muscle coordination, and flexibility, Tyler can support even more explosive movements while maintaining stability and technical accuracy within his powerful swing motion.  Tyler’s work with Will allows us to continue to push forward in his development with confidence that his body can support and master anything we throw at it.

None of these changes would have been possible without Tyler showing up every week with a great attitude and work ethic. We must give credit to Tyler and his family, for allowing us to work with him and guide him through a dramatic swing change. Tyler is now a much more powerful and consistent hitter and has remained the upbeat and positive kid he has always been.  Like any young hitter, Tyler has more room to grow and improve, but there is no doubt in my mind that as long as he loves baseball and is willing to learn and practice, he will be fun to watch.  Tyler’s attitude and work ethic are models for all of our hitters to follow.

Brennan K., 10 Year Old Client

The first Day Brennan walked in to I.T.S. Baseball, the research and training facility for Baseball Rebellion, his fiery personality filled the room.  Brennan is a huge (and VERY OUTSPOKEN) Boston sports fan.  So, during this football season, we made a little bet on the Panthers vs Patriots game…Here’s how that turned out for Brennan…(Hey Brennan, you’ve improved a TON in your swing, but if you thought I wasn’t going to use this picture in your case study you’ve lost your mind!)

brennan panthers

**Chas Note**This picture is a great illustration that for us, the instructors that make up the Baseball Rebellion, it’s not all about hitting and pitching mechanics.  We take the position of being role models for these kids very seriously and the opportunity that parents give us to work with their children is priceless.  It’s our job to get the best out of each player, boy or girl, that walks through our doors or hires us from anywhere in the world.  We are able to do that by finding out more about each kid, whether online or in-person, and using that to help that player feel more connected and comfortable in their learning environment.


Below, you’ll see how Brennan came into our program.


Brennan had worked with some professional coaches in the past, so his swing was very consistent with what we see over and over from guys who’ve had lessons.

  • Squish The Bug Back Foot
  • Downward Swing Plane
  • Hands Dominant Swing

Brennan’s past training made us know for sure he was ready for our instruction, but he clearly needed a more advanced system of training to unlock his full potential as a hitter. 

Brennan knows that he is not the biggest guy on the team, but thing I love most about Brennan is that that he does not care.  Brennan understands that you can’t ‘out think being small’, as Chas so eloquently puts it, so we worked to have Brennan emulate the best POWERFUL little guys in Major League Baseball.  I showed him video of Bautista and of course one of his favorites, Boston Red Sox MVP Dustin Pedroia.  Brennan’s parents decided to allow me to lead him down a different path than most hitters take to find out how good he could be.  Here’s where Brennan’s swing is now after about a year of training.

You can see the much more athletic and relaxed tempo in his initial move.  He is still and kid and sometimes that tempo speeds back up, but Brennan does a great job of being able to then step back for a moment and slow his forward movement down so he can put all his effort into his power turn that Chas call’s “SuperThrust”. **You can read Chas’s Superthrust article HERE**  I can not stress how valuable that calmness will be for him as he continues his baseball career and will it only grow as he gets better.  This will allow him to be:

  • More athletic
  • Stay relaxed longer to ensure an explosive turn of his body mass
  • Have better vision
  • Make accurate and late decisions

As you can see, Brennan has improved in all aspects of becoming much more explosive and athletic hitter.  This is even more important Brennan due to his size limitations, but totally in line with what the best players in the world do to use physics to overcome any mass deficiencies.  These same mechanics are used by top players like Dustin Pedrioa, Jose Bautista, (both of whom I mentioned before) and top prospect Javier Baez.  **You can see my Case Study of Javier Baez by CLICKING HERE**

Much like Tyler, Brennan comes into the building every week with enthusiasm and determination to get better.  His parents have committed to a consistent and positive learning environment for him which has made my job a lot easier.  I have gotten to know Brennan and his brothers, Tucker and Grogan, through their weekly lesson slots, and that allows me to coach him in a unique and progressive way.  These results would not be possible without a solid player to instructor relationship, parental trust, and conceptual reinforcement at home.

I am so excited to see how these two young players continue to grow as they anchor the top of the lineups for their respective teams.  Tyler and Brennan have a great understanding of how to train the right way and that knowledge that we have built will serve them as long as they play America’s National Game.  I am very proud of them both and I look forward to seeing them and hearing about their most recent successes every week.

JK Whited – Leader of the Baseball Rebellion

**PS.  I have started online lessons and my HIRE PAGE is coming out soon.  If you’d like to work with me on your hitting skills, before I’m open to everyone, please email us at  When my HIRE PAGE does pop up, I’m only going to be taking the first 20 people to sign up, so make sure you’re one of them!  I can’t wait to work with your son or daughter to develop their most technically advanced and athletically explosive swing**

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  1. Arnie Reyher says:

    Is there going to be an opportunity for certification with you? How could we expand Baseball Rebellion and your business model and instruction to Lubbock Texas and be a partnership? Franchise?

    1. jkhittingrebel says:


      We get that question a lot actually. At this point in time there is not. Perhaps somewhere down the road.


  2. Jim B. says:

    I have two sons in baseball and can’t convince the coaches to stop the “elbow up” approach. My sons were crushing the ball before they had that pounded into their heads. I’m re-teaching them now. It has really screwed them up.

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      I hate that for you…but I’d tell you you’re fighting the same fight we are.

      Elbow up can be a good cue…but man its mis used CONSTANTLY at the youth level and ruins kids swings. Headstrong coaches are quite an issue…no matter where you live or what level you play.


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