Case Study Miranda Davis: Can Baseball Rebellion help Softball Players too???

Written By: Chas Pippitt

Softball Hitting, Softball Drills, Softball Baseball Rebellion, Case Study Softball SwingMiranda came to the building in early November last year.  She, as Keith will tell you, was a successful rec-ball player.  I saw potential in her frame and her aggression towards the softball, but pattern wise, she was behind the curve.  This video below is her unedited evaluation video from November, 2011.  Miranda came into the program with typical ‘hands first’ and ‘hit grounders’ instruction.  She was a bad ‘back leg pusher’ and a ‘bug squisher’.  Sound familiar?  I feel she could have been a decent high school player with no coaching, probably a varsity player as a sophomore and a starter as a junior, but I saw a glint of hope for her because she had some athletic potential and a violent approach to hitting that most girls do not have.

Before Swing

I offered her a membership at I.T.S. Baseball, the research facility for Baseball Rebellion, and instantly the changes began.  At the time of her acceptance into the program, we did not have a Stalker Radar Gun, our measuring device of choice, so I do not have her entrance numbers.  However, upon purchasing the Stalker, she tested at 57 miles per hour in March 2012, after 4 months of weekly training.

Below is Miranda’s current swing, after a year of weekly training.  As you can see…she’s much impoved…

After Swing

We have added:  Momentum, A strong Back Leg Angle, A Double Inside Load, Oblique and Abdominal Driven Pelvis Movement, Improved Visual Discipline, Perfect Arm Box.

We have Eliminated:  Back Leg Extension, All ‘Push’ from the swing in the arms and legs, Forward Leaning Posture, Stance Changes and Imperfections.

We’ve used the Rebel’s Rack, Drive Developer, Lean drills, modified Hip-Set style drills that Justin Orenduff has created for his pitchers as well as the rest of our newest theories and systems for implementing our highest level patters as fast as possible.

Miranda has completely changed her game and her swing, not only because of our training methods, but also because she has dedicated herself to being a great player.  Frequently, Keith brings her into the facility to hit extra.  Parents of our BASEBALL players often stop and stare as she drills bullet after bullet to the back upper corners of our cages.

Miranda’s willingness to practice on her own time sets her apart from many others.  Miranda also practices the MOVEMENTS needed to maintain her elite pattern.   She frequently uses the Rebel’s Rack and Drive Developer at her own home and the effects have been dramatic to say the least…

Side by Side Comparison


Great job Miranda for your total work ethic and dedication to the program, you are the target our softball girls are striving to reach.  I am proud to work with you.


Chas Pippitt

Leader of the SOFTBALL Hitting Rebellion  (baseball too).

PS:  This is Miranda’s 18u record for exit speed in my building…she’s 14 years old…

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  1. ed kovac says:

    I like your drill putting a ball in the elbow of back arm! when should the ball fall out?

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      In my drill, it shouldn’t.

      If you’re going to hit that way, the ball should come out forward towards the pitcher, after contact.


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