Building a Strong Foundation for Hitters

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Using Movement Patterns to Build Each Hitter's Swing Standard

Learn How Building a Strong Foundation In Hitter's Early On Can Help Them Become Successful

When it comes to teaching young hitters the correct way to hit it can get a little frustrating depending on how young and how well they can stay focused.  Some coaches think that getting “technical” with young hitters is a waste of time. I personally couldn't disagree more. The goal for young hitters is to build a strong base through the right movements and then build off that. 

Delivery and Verbiage

Teaching hitters how to hit is something that I personally take pride in.  If you can get a young kid hitting the ball harder and farther, they appreciate it so much more.  But how do you do that without making it so confusing?

Young HitterYou have to use the right verbiage to get them to do what you want. 

For example, if I have a kid who has trouble keeping his head back in his stride. I’ll have the kid imagine that there is a wall that his head cannot go past. 

Sometimes I will say that there are spikes sticking out of the wall that they can’t hit! You will see their eyes light up like “what?!”

Usually, after that, they keep their head back.  There obviously are other ways you can do this as well.

The bottom line when you’re working with young kids you have to get creative and make it fun! Or else they won’t get anything you want to teach.


Breaking Down the Stages of the Swing

Simplifying the Batting Stance- Tap for More Info

Keep it Simple

  • When it comes to getting young hitters to hit better it all starts with their stance.
  • Making things simple will only allow them to get into a more athletic position when they stride out.  Often times hitters will start very upright and then land upright. This does not allow them to cover the whole zone correctly.
  • If you are looking to gain more power and overall consistency at the plate then you must learn how to hinge as you stride out. 
  • Starting hinged is also a good option for young hitters or any hitter for that matter because it gets them into an athletic position early.
The Load & Stride- Tap for More Info

Load & Stride

If you don’t load the body then your swing will be weak and nobody wants that.  Load up and take some hacks!

Position at Contact- Tap for More Info

Initial Start of the Swing

After we learn how to load the body properly and start the initial part of the swing we can now talk about what we are looking for at contact. 

In regards to the things, we look for at this contact watch the video below.

Initial Start of the Swing- Tap for More Info

After hitters have learned how to load and stride now its time for them to start their swing. 

Young hitters have a tough time understanding side bend when they swing. Therefore on lower pitches, they tend to push their hands and cut the ball.  Is it impossible for them? No. Is it getting too technical? No. The earlier that these kids can’t understand some side bend and or tilt the better they will be in the long run.

Video Analysis

The Results

Below is Jake’s results from his initial evaluation on January 14th and the first time he hit after our movement progression on January 28th. 

Jake Ham Progress
Average Exit Velocity Up
Max Exit Velocity Up
Average Distance Up
Max Distance Up

Final Thoughts

Now I know some of you out there are going to strongly disagree without what I have said in this article, and that’s ok.  Since my team here working at Baseball rebellion I have seen our movement progression and teaching methods get results from hitters of all ages. As an instructor, my job is to help hitters really help themselves. 

Through using the Rebel’s Rack, other drills, changing the hitter’s mindset and overall understanding of hitting through proper movement. We have to help hitters at all ages get better results or else what’re we doing?

Sometimes it is going to be difficult with young hitters but that’s part of the challenge.  As I have said before and I will say again. If you can get a young kid to load, stride and turn better they will hit better, bottom line.

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