Baseball Rebellion In-Season Quick Fix: Stepping in the Bucket or Striding Closed

Written By: Chas Pippitt

There is rarely a week that goes by that SOMEONE, whether an online client or a Baseball Rebellion Reader, doesn't ask me about 'Stepping in the Bucket" and how to fix it for their youth hitter.  I think there are many root causes for stepping in the bucket, such as  fear of getting hit by the ball, trying to pull the ball, or hit it for more power. Many coaches really focus on hitting the ball to the opposite field to correct this problem, but that approach usually doesn't stick with the hitter.  This leads me to the question:  How do you fix a young hitter stepping in the bucket?

Using the concepts of Reactive Neuromuscular Training or RNT, Baseball Rebellion instructors and youth coaches alike can really help a hitter FEEL the mistake and then correct an exaggerated problem.  Basically, RNT makes a mistake BIGGER, which forces the body to react to that mistake in a more drastic way.  This makes the body use the correct muscles to FIX the problem instead of just putting a band aid on it as I described in my video.  **You can read more about RNT by CLICKING HERE**

Here's what we do at Baseball Rebellion using the concepts of RNT:

What if your hitter strides closed?  Well, knowing what you know now about the CONCEPT and PRACTICE of RNT, what would you do?  

Here's what we do at Baseball Rebellion using the concepts of RNT:

The stride is one of the first things that happens in a swing.  Don't let an incorrect stride set your player up for failure by restricting their turn or pulling their bat out of the zone.   Use these easy conceptual fixes to get your hitter MASHING as soon as possible.

Chas Pippitt, Leader of the Baseball Rebellion

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8 thoughts on "Baseball Rebellion In-Season Quick Fix: Stepping in the Bucket or Striding Closed"

  1. CoachRyan says:

    I like the article.

    I will give this a try. My older sons likes to over-correct his stepping out issues by starting closed off. I told him the same thing you did. It’s only a band-aid to fixing the real issues in his stride. He should be stepping straight towards the pitcher. His doesn’t realize that he is cutting off some of the rotational part of his swing by being so closed up all the time (all because of the fear of stepping out). I told him pitchers will notice this closed stance and pitch him inside even more – because pitchers, we both know, are told to pound closed stance guys inside (often can’t get the hips through or get jammed on inside fastballs). If contact is made on the inside pitch it is either hooked (hitting it too early) or late and hit on the shaft (weakly hit).

    I don’t have a Drive Developer but still have plenty of band tubing and a block to try and incorporate this. I’ll let you know how it works…

    1. Chas Pippitt says:

      Coach Ryan,

      Thanks man, but just so you know…we know how it works! hahaha


  2. Wes says:


    Thanks for his article. My son Tripp has not had an issue with stepping in the bucket until this year. All of a sudden it has flared up to the point where he has been totally ineffective at the plate. It is to the point where he is having NO fun playing the game he loves. It actually came to a head last night after a BP session. He is now questioning whether he wants to play any more because he feels like he is hurting his team. At 11 years old he walked in the house after practice with tears in his eyes due to his frustrations. He has always been a good hitter and he doesn’t know how to cope with this issue. I have tried a lot of different things that we even used in college to no avail. We have implemented a lot of your theories and techniques and he is excited to try this as well. Thanks again. There is a twinkle in his eye this morning. He can’t wait to get to work this afternoon.


    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      That’s what Baseball Rebellion is all about man. Making the game fun again by improving your play.

      Tell your son I said hello and that he’s gonna be fine!


  3. Coach Tate says:

    Going to try this with my 8 yr old DD. Any thoughts?

    1. jkhittingrebel says:

      Coach Tate,

      I am sure you know already but be patient. For the little guys and girls, it is important to remember that the result of the swing is not important. The fixing of the problem is.

  4. Evan says:

    this has really helped me fix stepping in the bucket and is going to help my friend stop striding closed! this is genius!

    1. jkhittingrebel says:


      Glad it helped!


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