Baseball Rebellion 2013 HR Derby Breakdown

Written By: Chas Pippitt

If you haven’t seen the video of the 2013 Home Run Derby Player Draft. Click Here for the Video

Well…I had already written my winning column, so upon my SHOCKING loss, which felt like this:



I had to re-write this column.  Ego shattered, I head into the article.  

Here’s some video breakdown of the hitters, and funny commentary on some announcer’s thoughts during the HR Derby.  See the videos below to see highlights of Team JK’s victory, including our Round-By-Round Breakdown of our thoughts on the derby.  Congrats to JK, on becoming the NEW Baseball Rebellion HR Derby Draft Champion.  Enjoy your title for this year JK…Next year, I will return to the throne!

Prince Fielder’s first round, while disappointing, was actually kind of funny.  See below for our reaction to Nomar Garciaparra’s take on Prince Fielder’s Hitting Mechanics.  “down first through the zone with a nice high finish”…

Then came Michael Cuddyer, the last pick in the draft, who made me look like a total buffoon, as he has some of the best mechanics in the derby.  His swing was truly a thing of beauty. I can honestly say, I’m going to do much more research into his abilities and swing, as he’s one of my new favorite hitters.

Now this is the part of the article I’m most pumped about, my son wanted to make his Baseball Rebellion Debut!  Here he is, Bryant James Pippitt.

Bryant’s debut was clearly the highlight of my night…I was hoping to celebrate a victory with him later that night…but instead, we were both ‘crying’ about a loss until about 2:30 am…he was actually crying…I just felt like crying from being awake that long.

Chris Davis was next up, and we only broke down the videos with the good views of the hitters in slow motion, so forgive us for not having every hitter.  (If you’re gonna blame someone, I think we should blame JK.)

Then we got to more Nomar Garciaparra Hitting Confusion during Brice Harper’s round…and just general internet baseball writing confusion on how the back leg should work.  I know it’s hard to hear Nomar talk, but basically he’s surprised about the back foot coming up but he does talk about the ‘torque’ created by this move.

Robinson Cano breaking my heart…and his bat…I think he needs a HR Derby Retirement.  How do you go from this:

Robinson Cano HR Derby Champion,wp12370

to this:


He’s still one of my favorite REAL GAME hitters…but I’m over it as far as Cano in the HR Derby is concerned.

David Wright hit last in, the first round of, the 2013 HR Derby.  Let me say this:  JK and I realize that David Wright is a GREAT BASEBALL PLAYER.  We just think he could swing better.  Everyone can improve and I think that David Wright could have been, a top 3rd baseman of all time.  As good as he’s been, I really think he’s left a lot of HR’s and doubles on the table.

Round 1 Breakdown:




Round 2 Breakdown:

Final Analysis…



Once again…(if you can’t tell I was a WWE fan as a child…) this is how that felt…That’s the voice of Jim Ross, all time great Wrestling commentator, aka the voice of my childhood.

Congrats to JK on his win.  This years Home Run Derby Draft was really fun and I hope you guys understand our commentary was somewhat serious, but mostly this is just a fun article.

Chas Pippitt and JK Whited, Leaders of the Baseball Rebellion

PS:  yes, I realize I didn’t have any video of Cespedes…but they never really gave a great view of his swing honestly.  Sorry, I hope next year ESPN can find time to get some slow mo replays of the WINNER!!!

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John Warren
John Warren

Great, funny, analysis of the hitters. I clearly see the strengths of the hitters you outline, and I am a little confused about the “handsy” comments about Wright. The difference to my untrained eye is that it seems like he gets his hands out from his body as he is beginning his swing, and by the time the barrel gets to the ball, it appears that he’s got nothing but hands to push the bat/ball forward. Is this more about keeping the right elbow closer to the body, so that you can use more of your body to torque it… Read more »

JK Whited

John, You actually have a good handle on it. Wright does a horrible job with his footwork. He leaves his front foot closed which cuts of his hip rotation. As the swing continues, he is forced to push the knob away from his shoulder. He also always seems to finish over his front side and his chest is forward. I think the question is where he thinks the bat is accelerated. Lots of hand and wrist snap at the ball for Wright in this derby. If the hands/knob hug the shoulder, the barrel can be accelerated deep and sideways into… Read more »


Have you noticed that Cano no longer gets his back foot off the ground? Do you think that is attributing to his power outage?

brian allen
brian allen

Great article post. The boys and I just finished watching it.

Its great to see the difference in the swings compared to David Wright.

We are off to win the Summer World Series now!!

See you next week.