Angled Medicine Ball Throws For Better Power and Swing Direction

Written By: Eric Tyler

More Power with Angled Medicine Ball Throws

Often times hitters are hampered by the inability to rotate in the proper sequence. Whether their lower body rotates too far, or their upper body stops too soon, the fear of missing the ball causes poor body movements. In order for the body to accelerate properly, the hitter’s hips must decelerate and stop in time for the upper body then bat to accelerate into contact.

If the hips never stop rotating, the upper body and bat are not able to build up speed and in turn drag around the rotation. 

This drill is different than med ball drills we've shown in the past as it forces the player to stop their hips while allowing the upper body to rotate past. Emphasis to the player that the med ball is to be thrown with their core rotating, not their arms swing. Allow the player to feel the tension created when they don’t overrotate their hips.

3 Ways Angled Medicine Ball Throws Help Your Hitters

Deceleration/Upper Body Isolation

By isolating the upper body, it forces the hitter to rotate their core past their hips in the proper sequence.

This allows for the correct force transfer from hips to the core which in turn goes to the arms and bat. 


Proper Upper Body Rotation

A lot of hitters stop their upper body and push their chest/core out towards the ball at contact. This causes a steeper bat path and more mis-hits.

By turning their core past their hips they allow for more support and connection to the bat.

Increased Understanding of Direction

The understanding of direction and where our rotation has to be directed towards is a major factor in the hitter’s ability to perform. Most hitters want to overrotate in an attempt to pull the ball. Which then drags the bat through and causes major bat path issues. The drill allows the hitter to understand that the rotation of the hips must stop. 

One Thing To Avoid When Doing this Drill:

Turning your hips with your upper body- Don’t allow your hitter to pick up and pull their back foot during this drill. They will want to rotate their hips or just throw the ball with their arms. Make sure to stress that the goal is to get their chest past their hips in rotation.

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