Alex Rodriguez Swing Woes Blamed on Poor Hitting Instruction

Written By: Chas Pippitt


Alex Rodriguez is being scapegoated by the New York Yankees, but after watching the video below, can we REALLY blame his hitting struggles on him?   Kevin Long (the New York Yankees batting coach) doesn’t even WATCH A-Rod’s swing, he watches the ball flight!


Alex Rodriguez & the Kevin Long Problem:  How Bad Instruction Can Effect Even the Best Players in the World

Perhaps even worse is the way Kevin Long, the hitting coach for the New York Yankees, says he uses video.

I hope you all see the problems in these two videos.  They are so many, I can barely even watch them.  They literally make me upset.

I can’t imagine not using video on ANY of my students…much less guys who swing and move as fast as the Yankees players!

Chas Pippitt, Leader of the Baseball Hitting Rebellion

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57 thoughts on "Alex Rodriguez Swing Woes Blamed on Poor Hitting Instruction"

  1. John Blair says:

    One more thing. I guess Ibanez is coached by someone beside K. Long. Please do the baseball world, especially those who coach, a favor and keep your minor league opinions, oh sorry you didn’t play or coach in the minors, to yourself! Parent coaches (your clients) are sooooo badly informed allready.

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      Thanks for reading! Actually, I know Ibanez’s personal coach…and it’s not Kevin Long.

      I welcome any information you can bring to the table about hitting, or proof about my inaccuracies, but I’m sure you’ll just say I’m no good and produce nothing of value. We are here to learn and educate. While I’m sure attacking someone in Kevin Long’s position is not going to be popular, it is needed. These types of teaching are really problematic and we’re here to eradicate them from the baseball community.

      If Kevin Long thinks those are ‘good swings’ then I have a problem with him mass producing and selling that garbage not only to the Yankees but to kids all over the country who cannot overcome that type of drilling and verbal cueing.

      Keep enjoying my blog and please contribute some evidence contrary to what I’m teaching, I’d love to learn from you!

      Chas Pippitt, Leader of the Baseball Hitting Rebellion

  2. Steve Black says:

    Chas that is exactly right – I know you see this all the time. I see it here in CT with the instructors – I feel sorry for the kids- but I know I have a secret weapon – The Baseball Hitting Rebellion – even though I try NOT to keep it a secret, too many instructors dismiss it and kids don’t want to work on the change.

    thanks for all you do and your support.

    steve black

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      Thanks man I really appreciate the kind words. I’ve already gotten a few ‘hate emails’!

      It’s amazing the vitriol you can get from challenging the status quo! But hey, we at Baseball Rebellion have broad shoulders. We can take the heat.


  3. John says:

    Wow Chas,
    If I ever showed that video to a hitting client they would be shocked. Yes,there are so many things that are wrong with the mechanics and flow of the swing. Not to mention that the swing plane is downward. And on and on. I have been to a few different MLB team’s instructors to listen to their teachings. They would not agree with that video .
    I don’t teach that method or style. Keep up what you are doing. Your mechanical ways work. I have many success stories from parents with your style of hitting.

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      Thanks for thinking critically and analyzing what I said/showed instead of my playing career.

      Thanks for reading and keep fighting the good fight.


  4. Ed says:

    I agree 100000 percent
    There’s a pic in the daily news with Arods hands flying forward. It’s a joke

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      Thanks for checking us out, I’m glad you see the issues in this type of instruction.

      The worst part is that these clips are from his video that he sells to kids to help them get better. In reality, he’s putting a much lower ceiling on their potential than if they had no instruction at all.


  5. Jordan says:

    Hey Chas,

    I love the video of Ibanez, it shows how early he gets his bat on plane and how his bat path is clearly starting towards the other batters box. I’m shocked that big league hitting coaches, and top college coaches still teach down and through despite the video technology available today. Doesn’t Ibanez work with Jaime Cevallos? Also wondering if you’ve ever been approached by a college or pro team to be a hitting coach and if you had the opportunity would you do it?. It would be good to see some modern hitting coaches start to make a serious impact on the game. I think Cevallos mentions that eventually every player in the MLB should have their own swing coach. With all the money in pro baseball i’m surprised that has yet to happen, but I guess big league egos can easily get in the way.

    I love you’re website, I’ve been studying swing analysis for many years and I’m glad that there is a website that provides such amazing instruction. Look forward to reading your new material.

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      Thanks on the props on the Ibanez video. Yes Jamie works with Ibanez.

      I’ll tell you why the college and professional coaches teach what they teach: It’s because it’s what they THINK they did and THINK is right. College coaches specifically do not have the time to study video like we do. The first 5 years of their coaching careers, “no one cares what you think about baseball” said a high level division 1 head coach when I recently spoke to him. He continued, “When I hire a volunteer coach, I’m looking to see if they’ll do the laundry, cut the grass, rake the fields, organize the tarp pulls…then I’ll see if they know anything.” HOW SAD IS THAT? And, how do you “hire” someone for an unpaid position…

      The short answer to your team question is that I’ve had very little discussion with one coach from one team 3 years ago. I’ll tell you the position I’d be interested in: Minor League Hitting Coordinator or MLB Hitting Coach but…ONLY if I could get a staff in place, terminology in place, to have the same unwavering philosophy throughout the entire organization…you know…like a REAL COMPANY would…so the hitters once they’re promoted would be prepared to be successful in the system and ready for the MLB level of terminology, verbals, and situations.

      If any top level player calls me, seeks me out, I’ll be ready to help them with an intense and unwavering focus to make them the best they can be. To truly reach their professional playing ceiling. Just like I help my current clients max out their potential on a daily basis whether they play Little League, High School or beyond.


  6. Ben Brink says:

    Spot on! I tried to watch the “Pro Hitter” video awhile back, and had to turn it off..the video had no instructional value. I also read the book, and only recall one logical statement, “you are only as good as the pitches you swing at”. I am dumfounded that A-Rod gave Long complete authority to “rebuild” his swing, ultimately ruining his opportunity to take out Bonds as the Home Run KING. I can imagine the communication (or lack of) between Cano and Long…”no hablo ingles, Kevin”.
    Ben Brink

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      Great to hear from you man, I hope the Rebel’s Racks are treating you well!

      I’ll just never understand how riding on a bus for years makes you qualified to work with the best players in the world…

      If I were a GM of a MLB club, I’d rather my coaches spend that ‘bus time’ studying video, becoming better coaches, and making real changes to the 130 million dollar hitting company (give or take) I put them in charge of yearly.

      Last time I checked…that’s how Bill Belichick (NFL), Mike Brown and Eric Spoelstra (NBA) got their jobs…real work…real study…productive educational hours.


  7. Paul says:


    Start around the 4 minute mark if you really want to vomit.

    1. Chas Pippitt says:

      4 mins 35 seconds…Gave me a brain explosion…


  8. Paul says:

    Sorry, additional comment. This guy isn’t just uninformed. He’s dangerous. If you really want to learn what MLB hitters do, there’s only one way. Watch video, and then go swing a bat. Video your swings. If they match, you’re right. If they don’t match, you’ve made a mistake. Video is not to “confirm that you’re right”. It CAN do that, but video is supposed to be a highly objective thing that can tell you if you’re wrong as well.

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      I’m glad you see the light! We’re working to be best here. We’ve talked in the past, how’s the swing feeling? Who have you been working with lately?


  9. Paul says:


    I’ve been working with few people. But mainly, it’s just been trial and error, seeing what gets the “super deep whoosh”, or whatever you call it. The swing is feeling pretty fluid, and looking pretty good as well. You said you’d be interested in being a MLB hitting coach or MiLB coordinator.

    Read this article, it’s by Rob Ellis, who became a marriage counselor because he couldn’t stand the system any longer: http://baseballtips.com/13reasons.html

    Admittedly, his mechanical descriptions aren’t great, but he explains why the system is as inefficient as it is.

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      As always, a loner with intelligent things to say.

      I checked out the article, pretty good piece I’d say.

      Someday you’ll send me a video, but until then, as long as you’re not ‘doing the move’ or ‘externally rotating the back foot’ I think you’ll be ok!

      Ah…hitting coach humor…priceless


  10. Bobby says:

    I cannot understand why it is so hard for some coaches to figure it out. I have coached Recreation and Travel ball from t-ball to 12U and the insane things I hear coaches from other teams tell their players goes beyond ridiculous. The best one had to be “finish with the bat knob in your pocket”. You should have seen those poor kids swing. Will the madness ever end? Thanks for providing great information and dedication to the young players out there.

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      I wish you had video of the ‘finish with the bat knob in your pocket’ verbal, that’s just amazing and I’d love/hate to see it.

      Those poor kids!

      I really appreciate the kind words and I hope you frequent our site in the future.


  11. Paul Mann says:

    Hey Chas- great article man- for real. I would like to hear more from John Blair, see where he is coming from -. Maybe he thinks you gotta be a big leaguer to know something about baseball. I guess in his world Barry Bonds would be the best guy to go to to learn how to swing. Would you send your kid to Manny Ramirez’s house to hit balls? Why hasn’t Pete Rose given hitting lessons- hell he has tried everything else. I know- maybe he’s hoping Gary Sheffield will have camps next summer. I checked ebay for some John Blair swag and came back with 0 items matching my search.

    Anyway- I enjoyed the analysis and keep up the good work-
    Paul Mann

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      I emailed back and forth with John Blair for some time…he had very little constructive to say other than that Kevin Long is a nice guy and I shouldn’t question MLB coaches…

      He said I’m clearly in it for the money, but last time I checked the blog, and all the hitting advice and videos I post there, are free to the public…

      Not super productive, but I guess it is what it is. I asked him if he’d like to post some video of his hitters to see if they measure up to ours…I’m waiting, but I’m not holding my breath.


  12. Chas:

    In golf you see PGA instructors heading in a “wrong” direction entirely. In baseball, it’s uncanny. The MLB coaches seem to actually SEEK OUT the worst way to swing, and teach that.

    Great videos. You’re right. These guys need to be exposed and you are doing it! Keep up the good work.

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      Great work with Raul Ibanez and I really appreciate your thoughts on the video and instruction in general.

      The ‘art of keeping your job’ as Rob Ellis would say (thanks Paul Stein) shouldn’t be how you being a top level instructor…

      Being a top level teacher should be how you attain and retain your position in baseball


  13. jerry says:

    chas to prove your point I wish you would compare the clip you have above, the one A rod is working off the tee with kevin long . And arods actual game swing where he hits a home run .So you could point out how much different his succesful game swing is .Then the swing he is taking off the tee above.Mike epstein a ex major leaguer and student of Ted williams hitting style brought up a good point with his question when he asked are we teaching what we are seeing . ? My answer would be I dont think so. and I also belive if most others really looked for them selves they would agree.

  14. jerry says:

    IN fairness to kevin long even thou hes no chas pippit . what I do remember of his book cage rat and his hitting tape .He teaches the hips should start before the hands and he doestnt teach extension like arod is posing on the cover of that tape . but I will admit that clip above with arod it does appear as if hes teaching pull the knob to the ball.instead of getting that early deep barrell rotation.which promotes early bat speed

  15. Scott Baird says:

    Chas, Your comments are dead right! Either Kevin Long has no idea that he is instructing A-Rod to slide his hands or just has lazy teaching methods for the video. In any case he is not doing anybody justice by teaching that old “Linear Style” crap. The point made earlier regarding not teaching what you are actually seeing is spot on. I had a former H.S. player of mine (played D-I and now is a very productive hitter in the A’s organization) come to winter workouts and insist to me he is being taught “Rotational Mechanics.” Looked and sounded right until he showed me how he slides his hands forward, pulling the bat head downward. After watching him swing in the cage I told him he was doing no such thing. I showed him his Rotationally correct swing path and then videotaped him on his iPhone to prove he had no such mechanic. He was shocked to see exactly what I told him he was doing, proving the point you made earlier. Keep up the good fight Chas!

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      Thanks man, it’s crazy what little instruction is truly out there for these professionals.

      Just imagine the STUDS a team with top level instructors who are EMPOWERED to TEACH could produce…and the WINS they’d generate if they used up to date techniques implemented by professional teachers of the game…

      Just like ‘how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop…’ I guess the world will never know.


  16. jerry says:


    1. Chas Pippitt says:

      Times have changed, I hope I get the same chance.


  17. Jamie says:

    Chas, I’m with you on what your’re starting here. I am struggling with teaching my 11 year old, the shoulder row, similar to a Barry Bonds pre-swing hands movement to effectively get the bat started. He physically seems to have trouble coordinating this technique with hands, wrists and shoulders into a repetative swing. When he has done it, it makes a world of difference but he gets discourage saying it doesn’t feel comfortable. Would you say this is commom for this age and physical maturity level. Have purchsed the rebel rack but not there yet.
    One observation, Bryce Harper hitting videos from this season seem to clearly show that he is a swing down to the ball and slide his hands through, not what we are trying to teach. Wonder what he would do if his swing was changed?

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      It’s common problem based on age, but it’s much easier to coordinate and more comfortable if you’re externally rotating the shoulder instead of using hands/wrists to assist the move you’re talking about.

      I’m glad you have a Rebel’s Rack, I hope you’re using it. Once the body learns the moves with the lower half, most of the upper half problems fall in line easier.

      Please link to a youtube video of harper, I’ll check it out and get back to you on him/that particular swing.


  18. Jamie says:

    Chas; Here is a link of Bryce’s homers this past season to look at his swing. He looks like a slashes at the ball with a lot of power.


    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      yeah, I saw that too, I was hoping and looking for a side view of Harper while he’s been in the bigs. If anyone can find one, please post!


  19. Scott Baird says:

    Jamie and Chas,

    I have watched numerous Bryce Harper at-bats this year. Even DVR’d a bunch just to show my boys the swing in slo-mo. Don’t be fooled by the pitchers view of the Youtube HR’s. I think the view coupled with his incredible bat speed create a deceptive swing plane. He doesn’t have the highest finish nor the most tilt I’ve ever seen but, believe me, he doesn’t chop at the ball. I have seen the side view of his swing plenty of times, just wish I had some video to reference. Thanks for your time. Ted Williams lives in all of us, spread the word

  20. Bob K says:

    Here’s a pretty cool video that compares Harper and Mantle. Towards the end they have side and back views of their swings. Billy Ripken points out the forward momentum in their swings and how their back feet gain ground. He observes that this is “a little unconventional compared to what’s being taught today.” Ha!

  21. Jamie says:

    Chas: front and side view of a homer Bryce hit. Not text book swing but looks like he does gets to the slot. If you notice, it definitely looks like he gains ground with the back knee. At 13 second mark you can actually see his back foot is off the ground at contact. Interested in your thoughts.
    In watching a lot of Bryce this summer I thought he pulled off a lot pitches with his swing, literally swinging across his body especially on outside pitches. I do think he is a great talent and enloy watching him play the game.


  22. Patrick says:


    You are obviously entitled to an opinion, but u are off base. As every hitter has flaws and everyone can truly find some things wrong somehow. ARod has hit well for many years under KLong and he has produced a lot, look at the numbers. It’s mentally for the most part with Arod. Yes, his swing action in that video isn’t flawless but I am sure KLong has a reason for what he is doing and doesn’t have to explain every detail to anyone except Arod. Watching film and working in cages is what KLong is about. I know bcus I know him very well. I’ve seen him in the trenches, get to know someone before u go out and bash so u can boast about ur so called knowledge, which btw isn’t that impressive. I’m sure uve learned a lot form NC State and UNCA!!! Btw, lets look at what Kevin has done with Granderson, hmmmm revamped his career, he’s simplified Cano’s swing and has helped every hitter at some capacity for the yankees and all thru his minor league coaching career. Why hate and bash and try to put blame on a hitting instructor when u haven’t been thru what he’s doing with each individual during that specific period!!?? You posting this bashing article/post/self promoting ad shows that its all about u rather than it being about the player and btw, KLong is about the player and what he can do to get each hitter better. Ur an idiot and I’m sure wont post this bcus this is the truth. have fun rebutting ur side of things bcus anyone can take any information and spin it. Walk thru his shoes then u can talk my friend. For all the readers out there, this note I’m writing is NOT done with Kevin Longs knowledge it’s done purely by a person who’s seen him for many years get hitters better at all levels every year!!!

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      My opinions are based purely on the information he sells to children as correct. Coaching professionals is obviously different than coaching kids, I do both, so I know. My issue with the two clips about Kevin long are simple: 1. he is SELLING that garbage information in his A-Rod video to kids and 2. his arrogance about the use of video in his other interview clip.

      To your point about the swing action in the video not being flawless and (Kevin) doesn’t have to explain every detail to anyone except A-Rod…INSANE! That is an explanatory video…it’s a dvd…its for sale…it’s a how-to-guide to hitting…

      Thank you for reminding me that only those who have ‘done it’ can talk about things. That is an interesting thought, lets expand on it.

      I think young kids can figure out that fire is hot without building one…I think Stephen Hawking knows more about black holes than almost anyone, but he’s never been to one. Idan Ravin coaches Chris Paul, Carmello Anthony, and Lebron James but didn’t play in college. Joe Montana sends his kids to Steve Clarkson for quarterback lessons. Bill Belicheck has no professional playing experience, and 3 Lombardi Trophies. John Calipari never played in the NBA but has put dozens of players there.

      I guess I just fail to see your point.

      My point is the study of hitting is why we do this. I will concede my tone in that video was off base. If I could do it again, I would with some slight changes in my delivery. That being said…videos like the one Kevin Long produced for PROFIT are dangerous and injurious to the game on a grass roots level. They set back hitting dozens of years as many people will take his video as the gospel instead of really looking at what it says and teach their kids with those same terrible movements. The arguments I posted are honest and fair and my opinion based on my research building off of almost 12k lessons and thousands of hours of video study…not my playing career (thank God).

      Linear hitting is Dead…I would advise you to take off the blinders and examine what I posted, my researched and proven articles with video proof of improvement in hitters of all ages from all over the world, and then decide if what I’m doing is self promotion, or just accurate.

      Thanks again for reading my stuff. I hope we can talk soon,


      1. Patrick says:


        I have seen and worked with Kevin Long for many years now and what you say is very off base with regards to his beliefs and what he has evolved into as a hitting instructor and who is as a person, all of things you know nothing about. You don’t know anything other than a video or someone telling u that he’s a good person but…

        When Kevin worked with the Royals in the minor leagues to this day, actually 15mins ago when I spoke to him (he knows nothing of our conversation bcus I don’t get into it with him over lesson guys like urself), he firmly believes in hitting starts from the ground up, he strongly believes that rotation happens in the swing action and it creates torque and bat whip via bat lag. He firmly believes in staying connected while rotating and he firmly believes in staying on the hitting zone as long as u can.

        Perceptions and reality is something you as an instructor of someone who btw makes money on staking claim that u have more information via ur studies rather than getting in the trenches with high level players consistently, this meaning coaching the elite players every day not a few pro guys who come thru as u clip them on video and u tell all ur cronies that u worked with this guy and in actuality he or they just use ur cage and u try a reap the benefit of them being there so u can profit from it.

        Lets take a step back and even break things down for the young players u r training every day supposedly. 15k I believe u mentioned in ur email. Every kid is different, every body type is different, every mental approach or capacity are different and there are different type of leathers as well. If u hammer away and bash linear hitting, u have proven that u r a cookie cutter type of teacher, my way or the highway type of teacher/expert and u bash KLong, who u don’t know and never seen his body of work or how many, not all bcus u can’t win everyone over, that have progressed and developed into big leaguers yet have been successful in the big leagues. Hold on, not done big guy, he has done numerous clinics in which he has made very little money and has stayed beyond extra to work with EVERY SINGLE kid one on one. I have personally witnessed this 10+ times!!!

        So lets finish with the “arrogant” comment u made. Kevin Long is the epitome of what his book states, Cage Rat. He’s a blue collar worker who works his tail off bcus he absolutely loves the game and teaching kids to get better. He’s been doing this for many years, more than u and u have the gumption to bash the guy without really having any concrete information. Wrong guy to hammer buddy, u totally screwed the pooch on this one.

        In closing, I laugh that u end up ur emails or responses back by thanking everyone who view ur stuff, at this point it’s just stuff, losing reputability fast. I laugh bcus this is all in efforts to put money in ur pocket. Not my first rodeo and yes, touché, u got me, I was reeled in bcus my buddy, who knows I know Kevin pretty well and have worked with him, sent the link that has ur joke of an article.

        Btw, my personal two cents, it’s rotational and linear combined, have fun getting alot of your younger kids to stay on the ball when ur pounding rotational comments left and right. I agree with rotation but its how u teach it with getting thru the zone as well. Younger kids barely have a feel to control their bodies, some u might have to take a linear approach to feel themselves to stay connected and to get them to stay in their legs and most importantly to stay on the ball. Oh and maybe u might have say some things differently and avoid talking rotational terminologies bcus the kid just doesn’t respond to it. I WOULD THINK YOU WOULD BE SO WELL ROUNDED AS AN INSTRUCTOR as you have done 12 or 15 or whatever thousands of lessons uve done, ha ha, funny stuff. Lesson guys make my laugh. I do give lessons but the “lesson guys” sit and flip or strongly preach cookie cutter type stuff and not very creative to adjust to what actually happens in the swing for each individual.

        Thanks for allowing me to voice my opinion. Btw, are u one of those squish the bug guys? Ha ha, just havn fun

        1. Chas Pippitt says:


          I’m glad we’ve got a discussion going.

          I’m going to stick with my original issues that:
          a. His video is bad for kids to watch and learn from
          b. The teaching points in it do not make sense

          My concrete information is the video he produced that has negatively affected countless kids and has no educational value has clearly padded his pocket quite healthily with his position as Yankees hitting coach and A-Rod in the video.

          As I told your friend, who also didn’t like my article but admitted via email to using 80% of my teaching with his own kids…I’d love to see some of your hitters’ swings. I’m sure, as usual, I won’t get that chance. We publish our information for free and we continue to prove our improvement across all ages, body types, genders, and ability levels. Please, when you say ‘younger kids barely have a feel to control their bodies, speak for your own hitters, not ours, who consistently finish with balance after a totally explosive movement driving their barrel through the ball based on factual laws of physics and pattern matches with the greatest players in the game. I will say this about Kevin Long, it’s a real feat to make A-Rod look that horrifically non-athletic hitting a baseball. I’m impressed and I’m sure I couldn’t execute that nearly as well as he did.

          I loved your comment on squishing the bug however, and as always, we at Baseball Rebellion will always allow people to voice their opinions.


          1. Patrick says:


            Ha, funny stuff. Interesting how ur trying to take the high road and very comical that ur short quips are very one sided. You kids struggle to feel their bodies and repeat their swing actions in a consistent manor. That’s facts. As u boast about ur kids have balance and u present that I don’t have video or won’t be able to share this for whatever reason is comical bcus ur cage prowess and mentality is cookie cutting. Maybe u can talk Cashman into hiring u as the Yankees hitting coach. I guess being the yankee hitting Coach and a minor league instructor who got 100’s of players to the big leagues and believe it or not developed young players to succeed in hs and college and even the little leagues as he helps with kids at his hometown, isn’t good enough for a lesson guy who watches videos and says, “this hitting coach is to blame”. I know better than to get into a discussion with guys like u bcus it’s ur way or no way. It’s about u not the kids. Ul present that its not to make ur page look good but come on man, ur ego is bigger than many big leaguers and ur frustration that u didnt go far as a player is evolved, I went thru that, it’s all gd buddy. At least u have a venue to help the sport and maybe some if not many of ur kids are getting better, good for the kids but to bash a guy without knowing him and really knowing what he believes in is for better words, JV. As I probably should have thrown some comments around about u in a confrontational way but ur premise of what u wrote about and presented to ur followers isn’t right buddy. Keep opening the doors of ur cages to baseball people, hopefully the game can benefit but I’d ask u to do ur homework before u bash or hate as the kids say it these days.

  23. Gary Dorso says:

    Thank you BBHR for proper swing analysis that you guys provide. It becomes that much more valuable in light of stunningly bad instruction that comes from so many who have coached, played and scouted. I’m sure it isn’t personal in pointing out terrible “how to” videos by K Long or anyone else publishing their stuff for public use. He publishes because he believes he knows. The danger is that a guy in his position gains trust of parents and kids who don’t know any better. It is tiresome to hear the “it’s about the kids” chatter and then see the ruinous fundamentals that those kids are being taught. I don’t care if you played or coached, I care only if you understand swing mechanics and can teach them in a manner that makes sense. And you do. Thanks.

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      Thank you for critically analyzing what we do here at BR have done and continue to do. It really is nuts how much rabid hatred and anger there is towards different ideas in hitting. I was telling a buddy of mine last night who was reading the past few comments in disbelief, that changing hitting is harder than changing religion. He laughed…but I’m not sure sure that’s not true.
      We’re on the same page Gary, if it’s really ‘about the kids’ don’t we want them to know the best information and the best ways to minimize frustration and maximize development?

      Thanks for the kind words and clear thoughts,


      1. Patrick says:

        Ok, once again and hopefully for the last time I’d like to point out the premise of my comments. I was very dissappointed in this article because the personal attack on a great person and an outstanding hitting instructor with a single video and a short interview that you hand picked. As I look deeper into who is writing this article dissappoints me as an instructor and a teacher. Having substantial information about ones hitting philosophies and failures with their personal hitting philosophies is something these two items of information that you have picked do not have. Go to one of his speaking engagements or clinics. Maybe some how meet the guy and ask questions. But to put blame on how someone teaches without the true facts is not being the information guy u claim to be. It is pure jealousy and personal promotion for your well being. Making someone look bad to make you look good. Anyone can spin anything. You can take the same stat or information and configure it how you want to if you use tactical words and expressions. You don’t know KLong, you haven’t done your homework on his knowledge to the extent of having an educated opinion. Now I have taken a step back and realized I shouldn’t have charged at your so called expertise bcus I need to practice what I just wrote to you. I’ve been in this game for 17 years as a coach at every level and I played for 8 years of college and professional baseball. The only reason for explainin that is that it blows my mind that people try and reinvent the game and the swing and majority of the time it’s for money. Kevin Long worked his way up to where he is at the right way. His passion for his craft and the excitement he brings to kids and players at all levels is beyond fun to be around. He has an unreal track record and yes, that is FACT. For everyone guy that didn’t agree with him there are 50, 60, 70, possibly 100’s more who truly got the best of their hitting abilities out because of him. This is fact. Ur so called facts are skewed because you are not there with AROD listening to KLong every day. Have you disputed the fact that Kevin has worked with Arod for a while now and Arod has put up ridiculous numbers in his overall period working with KLong?!?!? You thing Granderson worked on linear aspects instead of “staying in his legs more and utilizing his lower half more”, btw, I personally have heard KLong speak to Granderson about this and have seen video as well. I shouldn’t dispute rotational hitting and to be honest with you I truly believe it has to happen in the swing but to get the kids and players of higher skill levels and ages to feel themselves stay connected with the lower half and the hand, back elbow and bat is a difficult thing to do when dealing with different body types, different aptitudes and different languages at times. To be a quality coach regardless if you are a lesson guy with very little experience and success as a player, you need to get to know the player and the person individually and adapt to what works for them. This isn’t achieved by slamming others to make you look good with no true facts and very weak information about the teachings of a Kevin Long or anyone for that matter. I’d normally would open my mind to helping and communicating to guys like you even more in a fun and exciting manor for the good of the game and to bounce ideas off one another bcus I don’t care what anyone says, nobody has all the answers when doing this tough act of hitting a round ball with a round bat but you going after a guy without knowing what he really teaches and getting to know him as a person isn’t going to be productive. Sad that you have influence on the youth of the world bcus although you might have some really quality information, you are not practicing what you preach as an educator/teacher. My passion for this game and getting it better gets the best of me and that is why I am writing this I’m not trying to make a buck and btw, although Kevin has put himself in position to make some money selling books and selling videos, he has done hundreds and hundreds of free lessons bcus he has passion and cares for each player or kid he works with. Get to know someone first before you speak about what you think he knows or teaches.

  24. Deveren says:

    Chas, again I will let you know that you and I share the exact same thoughts on Kevin Long. A client of mine purchased that dvd 2 yrs ago, and showed up to our hitting session pulling his hands down thru the hitting zone and I almost blew a gasket!!!! I got the dvd from him and watched it in my car during his next hitting session and pointed out to them that A Rod is suffering severely because of the hitting advice he receives from Long. Why is A Rod always hurt? Because he is mixing conflicting swing paths constantly and mixing inefficient linear mechanics with the more efficient rotational mechanics he arrived to the Yankees with. In my opinion, the entire Yankees line up suffers late in the season listening to this flawed hitting advice by Long. When they changed managers and hitting coaches, they started a steady decline in offense. Aside from Jeter, and he is as unorthodox as can be, but gets his barrel to the ball effectively, the rest of that line up, while listening to Longs hitting advice has suffered tremendously. Kevin Longs dvd is full of bad advice, mis information, baseball swing “myths” and in general, as you said, has set efficient hitting back years. I heard him say all hitters need to have a “straight torso” hitters shouldnt have “tilt” in the set up or swing. Well any good hitter sees the pitch on a 45 degree angle and must tilt his torso a slight bit toward the plate to maintain a proper and efficient hitting angle. Good hitters hit on a tilted plane, the lower the ball is in the zone, the more shoulder and torso tilt needed to make “square contact”. This guy advocates the opposite of what all good hitters actually do in their swing. But he is a big league hitting coach, so he must be right? Any hitter who hits with a straight up and down torso, is a pure ground ball hitter, no ifs ands or buts. A hitting stance with a visible “V” from shoulder to hip-hip to knee is already behind the ball, he will square up everything he hits. That straight up and down torso crap is starting out on top of the ball and good luck getting behind even an average fastball that way, your are set up to hit on top of the ball and beat it into the ground. The only thing you do with a straight up and down torso is make a 3rd baseman or shortstop a better fielder. I would like to know what can be done about these guys like Long who use their position as MLB coaches to promote and have people believe this garbage is useful to developing hitters? Im all ears here. I do enjoy your site!!

  25. Carl says:

    I’ve said for many years that Kevin Long is responsible for Alex Rodriguez’ demise as a hitter. So you are absolutely correct in your assessment.

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      Thanks for the support. Its amazing what’s allowed to be taught out there these days.

      Just because someone has risen to a certain status within the game does not put them above being questioned. In fact, they should be the most prepared to prove their theory.


  26. Greg says:

    Chas…You can’t be a leader without making some people mad. Keep on teaching. Does the step or “fall” happen at the same time as the back shoulder row? Land with a front foot slightly opened toward pitcher? Trigger swing with a drop front heel? I think my daughter is triggering to early with the back side and ends up using all arms. Need Help.

    Thanks for you work,

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      Goodness knows you’re right about that, you can’t be a leader without making people mad. As you’ve probably read, questioning people in high places in baseball is frowned upon to say the least.

      The shoulder row is somewhat of a passive move. You’re doing that to make sure your shoulders stay square as long as you can as your hips are already turning. So the Row is much later than the “forward move” or “fall” as you said.

      I never cue ‘heel drop’ as I think it makes kids land with a very straight front leg, which is problematic to say the least. Also, the act of “dropping” the front heel makes no power difference or torquing action in the core…so it’s a wasted move in my opinion.


  27. greg says:

    Thanks for the info…I should give credit to Gen. Colin Powell for that qoute about leadership.
    So this row occurs as you hips turn at the bottom of the the :fall”? Also rolling hands, is this a result of being to far out front? So letting the ball travel can help?

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      Yes to all your questions.

      However, if you let the ball travel…and don’t truly have a hip driven and turn driven swing, then you must push the hands over simply to survive.

      Hand roll is a symptom…improper turn is the disease.


  28. Chas Pippitt says:


    Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

    Spread the word,


    1. PJ says:

      Once again your information is beyond not valid. If you have learned anything with all your lessons or U12 or U whatever teams you’ve coached, that every player is different and what works for them doesn’t work for others. Different terminologies might work for one but not another. You seem like a cloner and a self loather. It’s all about how you have fixed people and brainwashed parents who want the best for their kids and don’t have the information or skillset to teach hitting and they buy into your strong type A personality which all coaches should have. Arod, even tho he has other issues off the field, put up unreal numbers and he had K Long’s help. There are thousands and I mean thousands of proven minor leaguers and majority major leaguers who believe in what K Long teaches and it works. Those are proven facts and no matter how you try to bring him down that is facts. Watching a video like you have done with this situation and not knowing the day in and day out information that has been conveyed by Kevin to Arod or any hitter is a joke and your information is one sided and jealousy is detected. Your resume doesn’t hold water to even comment as how you hav attached this situation proves that you really don’t know what you are saying. Getting to know the individual is the most important factor to help them with anything let alone hitting a baseball. If you really care for what you do and you care for each kid you try to help you should really stop bashing someone you don’t even know and you have never been around him while he works with these high level players at a consistent basis. I have. I don’t always believe every little thing he presents all the time but I agree with a lot of what he does and guess what so does thousands of players.

      1. Chas Pippitt says:


        Its amazing how many people can’t remove the faces from those players/coaches and just assume it’s correct based on who says it. Amazingly, you believe his information presented in the video and his pictures in his book as fact. Believe it or not, Kevin Long’s video that I modified was taken from the free information he put out to SELL his training video. So, I am commenting on his information he conveys in his book and in his video, that again, he sells to many kids all over the world.

        Bad information is bad information, it does not matter who says it.

        And you mentioned my resume, which clearly is not as storied as Kevin Long’s. What I’ll tell you is that people are promoted to their level of incompetence, that is basic Peter Principal knowledge. Long, I’m sure, is a great guy who has helped many players on an individual basis. That being said, when he mass produces garbage for profit, it’s someone’s job to illuminate that to the baseball population at large. You can be herded if you choose to be by his resume, I’ll continue to lead with information that is tested and proven, not rhetoric and gibberish and catch-phrases and buzzwords.

        Also, based on your assertions, I would say that we’ve never met. You don’t know my real effect on my players or their age or level of ability. You’re guessing. The professionals we work with deliberately outsource their training to Baseball Rebellion as the information they’re getting from those paid to help them is inferior. I think it’s interesting that you’d cast stones at me the same way you say I have cast stones at Kevin Long…Pot, meet Kettle.

        I hope you keep reading for your player’s sake. When all the fishes swim with the current…they’re generally headed for a waterfall.


        PS, i’ll gladly do a free video analysis of your son/daughter or your swing to compare your instruction to the realities of the physics of hitting a baseball. I look forward to your submission.

  29. Steve says:

    I say Long at a clinic a few years back. I was stunned by 2 things:
    1) His utter lack of understanding of swing mechanics
    2) His tremendous ego

    Thanks for fighting the good fight.

    1. Chas Pippitt says:


      I will always fight the good fight.


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