2015 Home Run Derby Breakdown

Written By: Gabe Dimock

JK Wins Again!

Another competitor stepped up to the plate this year and yet another goes down in flames! I have to thank Gabe Dimock for making the draft day a lot of fun and keeping things somewhat interesting for me. In case you missed our draft, you can find it here. I thought he might have me after that day but once again my main man Todd Frazier came through. Like last year, all of my picks made it to the final round and left no doubt that I am the Baseball Rebellion Home Run Derby King…again. Hopefully Chas can come back strong after a humiliating loss last year and give me something to worry about. I hope you guys enjoy our videos, our breakdowns and enjoyed the derby yourselves. ┬áSee you next year!

Rizzo Vs Donaldson

Rizzo Breakdown

Fielder Vs Frazier

Fielder Breakdown

Machado Vs Pederson

Wow! What a round by Pederson. We really love his swing as you’ll continue to see throughout the article! In a later round, Pederson faced off versus veteran Albert Pujols. Joc went through a small stretch where he didn’t hit a home run so Aaron Boone decided to criticize Pederson’s swing. Below you’ll see two videos where Chas presents his view of Boone’s comments and where Tim Kurkjian calls out Boone.

Machado Breakdown

Bryant Vs Pujols

Bryant Breakdown

Donaldson Breakdown

Pujols Breakdown

Pederson Vs Frazier

Pederson Breakdown

Frazier Breakdown

Closing Video

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