2014 BR Home Run Derby Challenge: Team JK Wins!…Again!

Written By: JK Whited

JK aka “The Wiz” obliterates Chas in this years Home Run Derby!


Just in case you didn’t catch our draft earlier this week, here is how it went down


JK is King














In order, here is the demise of Team Domination.


Opening Video


The calm before the storm.


Frazier vs Dozier

As expected, these two guys did not impress much.  Frazier did okay, but nothing special in total numbers or on the measuring tape.  Do not worry though, his time in the spotlight will come soon enough.


Tulowitzki vs Bautista

As expected, these two guys put on a great show, especially my man Jose Bautista.  He is a wonderful example for young kids and older guys a like.  He is clearly not the same type of human that Puig, Cespedes, and Stanton are, so  he MUST create a mechanical advantage to stay relevant.  He has a wonderful move forward with excellent hip/pelvis rotation pulling his back foot forward and a tremendous uphill release and finish.  Really fun to watch.


Puig’s Awesome-ly Terrible Round

Not a lot of great things to say about this round.  It looked like Puig’s nerves got the best of him and he just got punchy.  I think perhaps that if there were more rounds then he would have done better, but I do think we might see him again in the future to give it another try.  The kid is an All-Star for sure and will continue to do great things.


Stanton vs Donaldson

Might be a good time for Josh Donaldson or @BringerOfRain20 to hand that over to his boy Giancarlo Stanton.  Man oh man, what a show the modern day Hercules put on.  Guys like Stanton are tremendous athletes and can do some great things with the bat.  They are also often times not the best examples to teach off of because of their size.  They are able to be less efficient with their bodies and still hit 510 ft. home runs.  Must be nice.  However, guys like Bautista, who are small in comparison have to swing better (mechanically speaking) to stay at a high level.  Just in case you missed this BOMB,  here it is again.

First Round Wrap Up


At this point, Chas is feeling a little nervous.  After Puig’s performance, he knows there is an outside shot that Frazier could make it to the final now. Things just got interesting.


Frazier vs Tulowitzki (stay tuned)


Uh oh! Frazier puts up a 6 spot and Tulowitzki fails to challenge.  This was super unexpected and now Chas might have to eat some of those words that he was spitting out a littler earlier.


Stanton Blows It!

Chas and I after this round…












Stanton just couldn’t find a groove and Team JK has all its guys left.  History has shown that too much time between rounds may cause a hitter to tighten up a little bit. You may have seen him trying to stay loose and stretch, but he couldn’t really get back on track. Oh well, bad for Stanton and Chas…Good for me! Sweet victory!

Derby Wrap Up

First, let me say thank you to my gracious competitor Chas “choke on my words” Pippitt.  Without him, this day would not feel nearly as good. No…better yet, glorious!!!  His constant jabbering and ridiculous rants will echo down the halls of the back to back “hall of shame” for at least the next two years.  Let it be known that Chas did go on to remove his shirt in honor of the bet he made.  I, however, thought it would be best for your sake if those images stayed with us.

I also have to thank my team.  There are three guys in particular that I would like to thank.  Hats off to Captain Bautista for showing us all that smaller guys can put on a show with the big boys.  Also, thank you Yoenis Céspedes for once AGAIN letting me know that back to back Home Run Derby championships are possible.  You are not quite Griffey Jr., but you put on one heck of a show.  Now, last but certainly not least, the man who truly made this day possible and last night much more gratifying,  Todd Frazier.

todd frazz















The way you handled Giancarlo “I used to be Mike?” Stanton with your beautiful ONE home run in the semi finals was breathtaking to watch.  To go from being the “last” pick in the draft and taking down Chas’s first pick must go in the book as one of the greatest defeats in sports history.  I could go on and on, and on, and on, and on about Frazier’s “Rocky-like” victory over Stanton AND Tulowitzki, but Iv’e tortured Chas enough.


In honor of my worthy opponent, I will wrap up this article up with a picture that says it all…NEXT!




JK Whited – Leader of The Baseball Rebellion

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