2014 Baseball Rebellion HR Derby Draft: Chas vs JK 3, Loser Leave Town Match!

Written By: Chas Pippitt

As you all know, it’s time for the MLB Home Run Derby, and therefore, time for the Baseball Rebellion HR Derby Draft!  We’ve done this for 2 years now, check out our 2012 and 2013 articles if you like, and this has quickly become a favorite of Baseball Rebellion readers and instructors alike.  Remember, this is a FUN ARTICLE and we realize that the players in this exhibition are AWESOME BASEBALL PLAYERS, much better than we ever were.  But, for these purposes, we will probably be critical of some, and make some outlandish claims…perhaps about our physical prowess or our cell phone directory…but either way, we’re doing this for fun.  So enjoy it, like we do, and prepare for perhaps the FINAL edition of Chas vs JK in the Baseball Rebellion Home Run Derby Draft Loser Leave Town Match!

So the video ended, we edited it slightly with just a few seconds off the front and back of it, and JK and I really felt great about that one take draft…and then…my phone rang…It was Gabe Dimock, Hitting and Catching instructor at I.T.S. Baseball…The conversation went something like this:

Chas: Wassup Gabe?

Gabe: You gotta redo the draft.

Chas: What are you talking about?!?  We all loved the video.

Gabe: You forgot 2 players…

Chas: We forgot 2 players?

Gabe: Morneau and Donaldson

Chas:  Geez.  OK, we’ll fix it.

So…that mistake was probably not our finest moment as BR writers/content creators, but hey, its a fun article and it gave me another chance to mention Lebron James, something I don’t get to do often at Baseball Rebellion, so I went for it.  Sue me.  I think JK got the better player in Donaldson, but it’s not about that.  We remember the pain of last year’s defeat.  We have been waiting for our revenge…and the time is now!

Final Teams:

Chas Pippitt’s Team, AKA Team Domination:

  • Giancarlo “Mike” Stanton
  • Troy “Tulo” Tulowitzki
  • Yasiel “Chas STILL can’t Pronounce My Name” Puig
  • Brian “Bull” Dozier
  • Justin “I Used to Play for the Twins so Tulo Picked Me” Morneau

JK Whited’s Team:

  • Yoenis “Son of Cresencio” (yes, that’s really his dad’s name) Cespedes
  • Jose “Joey Bats” Bautista
  • Adam “I’m NOT Pacman” Jones
  • Todd “I Hit HR’s without Holding the Bat” Frazier
  • Josh “The Rainmaker” Donaldson

Just in case you think I’m kidding on the Todd “I Hit HR’s without Holding the Bat” Frazier nickname, CLICK HERE and see for yourself.  Amazing.


Gabe Dimock, I.T.S. Baseball Hitting and Catching Instructor

Will Fox, Director of Performance I.T.S. Baseball and Head Hater

Final Thought from Chas:

This is a visual representation of what I feel like my team is going to do to JK’s team.  Just to be clear…I’m the Dunker…

We’ll see if I’m right.  Thanks for reading and watching, we hope you enjoyed the 2014 Baseball Rebellion MLB Home Run Derby Draft!

Chas Pippitt, Leader of the Baseball Rebellion…and 2014 Baseball Rebellion HR Derby Draft Loser Leave Town Match Winner!!!

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