Start Crushing the Low and Inside Pitch! 2019 World Series Examples

Written By: Chas Pippitt

Learn to Crush The Low and Inside Pitch

Hitting a low and inside pitch is really really hard.  Many hitters struggle with this pitch most because of body positions. Here are a few 'absolutes' from a body position standpoint to hit the low and inside pitch:

  1. Create proper spacing with the upper body
  2. Maintain hip hinge from the stride to the swing
  3. Get into a side bend position
  4. Swing with proper direction

Check out Alex Bregman (Houston Astros) and Anthony Rendon (Washington Nationals) and their recent World Series homers. Both of these came on low and inside pitches. Check the body positions they get into to be able to elevate this pitch over the fence.

Bregman Low and Inside Pitch
Bregman Low and Inside Pitch
Rendon Low and Inside Pitch
Rendon Low and Inside Pitch

Practicing Correct Body Movements for the Low and Inside Pitch

One of the things we do for this is the Launch Angle Tee noodle drill.

First, we use the Rebel’s Rack to feel a flat turn (which is how you hit a high pitch and how we start our learning to turn process).  Then, you add the Launch Angle Tee with the pool noodle as a barrier to go ‘under’ with your back shoulder and the Rebel’s Rack.

Sometimes, hitters need a longer instrument to ‘see’ their hip hinge and side bend working so we use the Rack Bat. Using the Launch Angle Tee’s angle as a guide, turn your body so the dowel rod works under the noodle and complete the turn as normal.

Lastly, we take full swings, with no ball at first to feel the hip hinge and side bend that the best players in the world use to crush low and inside pitches.  You can use another tee to hit balls under the noodle, or, if you have a great tossed (like the guys here at Baseball Rebellion) you can hit a moving ball either in front toss or batting practice with the noodle still in place.

Applying the Drill

The Launch Angle Tee Noodle Drill will dramatically help your range of motion inside your turn and make it effortless to get your body in position to smash low and inside pitches and ruin pitcher’s days.

Rack Bat Angled Noodle


Full Swings with Angled Noodle


Dowel Rod Angled Noodle

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