Learning How to Adjust to Off-Speed Pitches

Written By: JK Whited

Hitting the Offspeed Pitch

How to Train to Hit the Offspeed Pitch

The Off-Speed Timing Drill is the most game-like form of timing work that includes changes in the speed of the pitch, a moving ball, and the Rebel’s Rack. We teach timing this way so players can understand that by preparing to turn and then turning as opposed to ‘trying to get a hit’, they have more control and ownership of their body and swing. 

The Off-Speed Timing/Mix Drill allows instructors and coaches to start talking about what having a ‘fastball approach’ really means. A fastball approach allows hitters to prepare to turn for the fastest pitch of the pitcher, and then adjust through their front leg if the pitch is slower. This is only possible if the hitter prepares to turn early, and holds that ability to turn for the fastball. If the ball isn’t in the hitting zone yet, the hitter can ‘sink down’ into their legs and still explosively turn to crush balls they used to be ‘fooled on’ when they didn’t have the trained and deliberately drilled adjustment pattern.

Head Positioning Back

Focus on the hitter’s head staying back and in the same position during the drill. This ensures they maintain proper posture. A back head position both helps the hitter see the ball better and rotate with power through the end range of the swing.


Front Leg Engagement

The player learns quickly to prepare to turn and turn-on time and the front leg engages more because they’ve learned the hesitation turn timing drill already. By engaging the front leg the hitter “puts on the brakes” on their turn for a split second to allow the ball to get to the hitting zone.

Multiple Hitters Work at Once

Have two to four hitters timing the same pitches from different spots relative to the plate. Two lefties and two righties can go at the same time as long as all the hitters can see the pitcher and are near home plate (front of the box and slightly farther out towards the dugouts for the front hitters, deep inbox and closer to the plate for backline hitters)

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