It’s all in the Hips! The BEST Hip Activation Drill for Throwers

Written By: Dave Shinskie

This is a drill that helps activate the hips and create awareness of how to use your lower half into a throw.  Some kids have trouble with the movement shown in this video. Simply learning how to properly rotate your hips into a throw will help promote natural velocity gains.

The rear hip generates force toward the target which should open up the front side. I see kids struggle with this drill when trying to increase speed, so start off slow. Make sure you pay attention to not letting your upper half fly open when rotating the hips toward the target.

This is a three part drill. When done correctly this drill can increase hip mobility and create better separation when front foot lands. Baseball Rebellion promotes front foot heel landing so the glute can fire instantly to allow a proper brace up of the front leg, which will create more velocity on your throws by allow your hips to clear. Increase the intensity of the drill as you feel more comfortable with the movements to maximize arm speed.

I hope this drill helps activate your hips and teaches you how to properly rotate the lower half through a throw. Try it out, comment below with any questions or thoughts on the Hip Activation Drill.

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