The MEW Drill to Help a Thrower’s Arm Path

Written By: Dave Shinskie

A clean and consistent “Arm-Swing” is crucial to the health and longevity of any thrower.  Through hours of video analysis, studying various drills, and looking at various patterns the best pitchers of all time we have determined the most efficient arm swing happens when the throwing hand falls out of the glove staying relaxed into the arm swing.

Maintaining the highest level of consistency throughout a pitchers career is the biggest part of being able to repeat a healthy delivery. One of the vital components the Baseball Rebellion throwing program is to make each individual excellent at playing a simple game catch.  If you can become consistent throwing a baseball within your individual throwing program, there is no reason you shouldn’t be consistent off the mound.   We can become better throwers instantly once we understand the value of repeating our arm action and understand how the arm works.

One of the most valuable components of our program is teaching a student to build a consistently repeatable arm swing in their delivery. The arm swing is the path a pitcher’s hand or arm takes as he brings the ball out of his glove and eventually into the acceleration of the throw. Characteristics of a well-executed arm swing are, how the arm extends out of the glove as one piece. This is properly done when performing the M part of the drill. The arm should stay relaxed with no added tension or stress as it moves through the throw. Your hand will extend upwards into a rotation. Towards 3B for RHP and towards 1B for LHP into the E phase of the drill. The arm swing matches the momentum of the body. The arm should rotate with the shoulders to provide and consistent ball release which is the W part of the drill. The arm swing can be long or short but it has to match the movement of the lower half.

The concept of the MEW drill is simple and effective to all throwers. It is done in the mirror using a Wilson tennis racket.  Follow the steps and start to complete a more efficient and healthy arm action. I hope you enjoy the drill video below and the examples of both youth and professional throwers emulating this technique.

              M                                  E                                W

(Throw was after doing the MEW Drill with racquet)


              M                                E                                  W


Dave Shinskie, Leader of Pitching Rebellion

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