Group Training for Pitchers at Baseball Rebellion

Written By: Julio Valdez

Group Training at Baseball Rebellion- The Complete Pitching Package

If you are looking to increase your velocity, dial-in your command, and sharpen your secondary pitches, we have a solution. Starting this November, I will be adding a new feature to the way we train and develop pitchers here at BRHQ in Durham, NC. The program will begin the first week of November and conclude in February. It will include:

Full-Scale Evaluation: Bio-Mechanically, Mobility, Strength, Velocity, Command

Testing & Retesting: Initial evaluation with periodical reevaluations

Individualized Programming: Program strictly tailored to each pitcher's needs (warm-up, arm care, throwing, recover protocols, strength & conditioning)

What To Expect with a Group Training Environment


You have to start owning your own career! Group training allows you the opportunity to become a self-motivator. It also forces you to mature due to the fact that the workload begins to increase and it is up to you to manage your time, education, and development.


Competitive Environment

We put you in scenarios and situations outside of your comfort level. I like to see what you look like when there are different variables thrown at you in different situations. Because of this, it allows me to see how you overcome obstacles when you’re performing. This will often or almost daily include you competing with another person in the group in various different tasks you have to complete.

Group Training for Pitchers

Learning Culture

You have to learn over time on how to become your own best pitching coach. The day you become your own self assessor we have succeeded as a trainer. Because of this,  not only will you understand different topics, terminology, etc. but also you will be able to address things you see in the environment around you. 

Pitchers Group Training

Preparation for the Next Level :

Group training is the best preparation for the next level hands down. When you get to college or professional baseball very rarely are you doing something individually with a coach. Most of your encounters will normally be in a group setting with a coach monitoring and overseeing multiple players.

Live Scenarios

Along the same lines of having a competitive environment, you will have the resources to not only compete with your peers but also other hitters. Because of this, live days will be scheduled to assess how you are during live competitions with a real hitter in the box.

Velocity Group Training

What Does This Look Like for Each Individual?

Check out this "day in the life" video of one of my pitching athletes from my time at the Texas Pitching Institute. What you will see in this video is nearly identical to what each individual athlete will go through on a daily basis with our Baseball Rebellion Group Pitching Training.

Can't Make it to Durham for Training?

Want to be apart of our program but can't make it to BRHQ? Shoot me an email julio@baseballrebellion.com for more information on how to get started.

The online remote training consists of:

  • -Individualized Throwing Program
  • -Weekly Bullpen Monitoring
  • -Strength & Conditioning Program
  • -Unlimited Email Communication
  • -Much More!

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