Front Leg Force- Directional Depth Leap

Written By: Eric Tyler

Front Leg Force- Directional Jump Drill for Hitters

Using the Front Leg Force Correctly

As a hitter, you must have a strong base. Part of that base is your legs. Not only the strength of your legs but also how you produce force with them, specifically the front leg. Depth jumps are a popular drill on social media right now and rightly so.

You are only able to produce as much force as you absorb. By learning how to absorb more force in your lower body, you are able to produce more and decelerate your rotation better. Therefore, by using your front leg correctly you can become a better hitter

The Benefits of the Front Leg Force Drill

We wanted to add an element to depth jumps that relate directly to hitting/pitching in baseball. The force the front leg produces in the swing plays a major factor in the rotational speed of the swing. We’ve seen in the past that the front leg produces roughly three times the amount of force than the back leg.

I understand that this isn’t the main component of hitting, however, it plays a major factor in the rotational force of an athlete. By adding an explosion component in a similar direction that force would be applied while hitting it allows the athlete to understand how force is created. 

3 Things Improving Force Direction Will Do for Hitters

Directional Force



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There is a distinct difference when producing force vertically with the lead leg vs. directionally as they would while hitting or pitching. Make sure the hitter is able to understand and execute producing force through the heel of the foot. Force should be produced similarly to how a correct squat is performed, not as a high jumper would produce vertically.

Body Awareness



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Body awareness is needed to complete the drill correctly. Whether it be absorbing the force with balance or understanding which part of the foot to produce force through, they have to understand their body and how it moves.

Force Absorbtion



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The depth jump portion of the drill allows the player to absorb first in their lead leg. Without understanding how to absorb force, they are unable to produce it.

The ONE Thing To Avoid When Doing this Drill!

Pressing Through the Toes of the Foot

Producing force through the toes of the foot will lead to vertical force and push the hitter out of the correct posture. Make sure the force when pushing back is produced through the heel.

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