Fixing Direction in the Swing

Written By: Luke Johnson

Fixing Direction in the Swing

Do you find yourself constantly missing barrels, hitting balls off the cap, top spinning balls over to the pull side, or flaring balls to the opposite field? This could be from bad or inconsistent timing. But if this is a consistent trend, chances are you’re losing posture over the plate and spinning with your shoulders. This will cause your barrel to fly out of the zone and off the ball early. Leaving you wondering why you can’t consistently do damage. 

A good path through the zone means you’re working behind the ball early and stay through it long. Many times, I see hitters work behind the ball early but also out of the zone early. So, what does this mean? It means, your chances of success go down greatly. This means fixing bat path can be as simple as fixing body posture and barrel release.

Direction Drill

The biggest thing to focus on while doing these drills, is hitting line drives to the middle of the field. This way we can make sure we have our swing set up to center and our barrel travels through the zone as long as possible. Below I have examples of good and bad shoulder positions at contact.

Bad Position at Contact


As you can see, I have highlighted the angle of the shoulders at contact. He starts with a good hinge over the plate, but throughout the swing the back shoulder starts to rise and become flatter through contact. Therefore, this movement is going to pull his barrel out of the hitting zone early causing weak contact and top spin.

Good Position at Contact


In this clip, I have also highlighted the angle of the shoulders at contact. He is able to hold posture over the plate throughout contact. This allows his barrel to work through the hitting zone longer with better direction towards center. 

The visual that I have presented with the PVC forces the hitter to be conscious of the direction their barrel is traveling and find where extension is. So, if extension is coming outside of your torso, it means you’re spinning with your shoulders and losing posture. If you’re a hitter that only has the ability to hit balls hard on the inner half, these drills could be the solution for fixing direction in your swing. 

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