Fix Rolling Over FOREVER – Say goodbye to top spin and weak ground balls with TWO simple movement cues!

Written By: Chas Pippitt

Fix Rolling Over Forever - Say Goodbye to Top Spin and Weak Ground Balls With Two Simple Movement Cues!

Many hitters roll over the ball way too often.  “Rolling Over” is when the hitter’s top hand in their stance pushes up and over the top of the bottom hand just before and during contact.  Rolling over causes top spinning grounders and generally weaker contact than without this movement.  Rolling over is a constant problem in lower levels of baseball and softball.  If the problem isn't fixed, it can carry over to high school and beyond

What Rolling OVER Looks Like


As you can see, the front elbow collapses DOWN and close to the hitter’s body. The hitter's hands pull across the stomach and over the top of the bottom hand.  These poor, subtle movements all cause the bat to have a little ‘hump’ in the swing plane as well as pull the bat out of the hitting zone.  Rolling over is quite a large issue for many younger hitters who do not have the strength yet to turn the barrel effectively.  Interestingly, we at Baseball Rebellion have had a lot of success in the top hand working UNDER the bottom hand when cueing the lead elbow working ‘up’ during the turn.

What Turning UNDER Looks Like


As you can see, when the hands stay high and the front elbow works UP, the hitter’s top hand turns UNDER the bottom hand and the barrel stays in the zone much longer.  This keeps the barrel supported by the body instead of disconnected from the larger muscles that supply the power and speed of the turn.  Interestingly, the front elbow direction is key in avoiding the rollover and maximizing the turn under of the top hand.  So how do we train IN the turn under move and train OUT the roll over move?

How We Train Turning UNDER at Baseball Rebellion

Whenever we see a hitter turn over their hands during lessons at Baseball Rebellion, we always get them on the Bat Drag Buster. When using the white band of the Bat Drag Buster, it is easy for the hitter to FEEL the success or failure of keeping his front elbow up in the turn.  The white band stretches between the elbows, and if used properly and the stretch is maintained, the barrel turns under the hands well and the bat is powered by the body turn.  It is amazing how quickly the white band on the Bat Drag Buster fixes rolling over and get the body back in sequence to support a fast turn and power through the barrel.  Other drills can work, but this is the fastest way we at Baseball Rebellion have found to eliminate the “Roll Over” of the top hand and program the Turn Under” of the top hand into all of our hitters both baseball and softball.

Chas Pippitt, Leader of the Baseball Rebellion

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4 thoughts on "Fix Rolling Over FOREVER – Say goodbye to top spin and weak ground balls with TWO simple movement cues!"

  1. Jerry Salazar says:

    We practiced this drill on Tuesday and my son went 3 for 4 on Wednesday with 2 doubles and a triple!! This actually worked for him.!! Thanks guys!!

  2. Ryan says:

    We use the sh*t out of our BDB! Simple, inexpensive and highly effective. Love it!

  3. joereidelberger says:

    What’s the best drills for it?thsnk you

    1. Chas Pippitt says:

      Some of the best drills we’ve found aren’t really drills.

      Using the Bat Drag Buster and trying to make the front elbow work up immediately has helped a lot of hitters both young and old. As well as constantly working to roll ‘under’ your bottom hand w your top hand.


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