Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Stan Musial

Written By: JK Whited

Baseball Rebellion
Swing Breakdown: Stan Musial

Stan “The Man” Musial played Major League Baseball for over 20 years from 1941 to 1963. In that time he was a 20 time all-star, 3 time MVP, and had a career average of .330. Let’s not forget that he also lost a year to military service in 1945. His numbers jump right off the page but from his swing, you can tell why. Stan Musial’s lower half is consistent with the greats of that time period and of today. His ability to keep the barrel in motion and continue to have great timing is unbelievable and made him a remarkable talent. For more than 20 years there wasn’t a player more consistent and more loved than Stan, aside from maybe Ted Williams. Here is the Link if you would like to check out more stats.

JK Whited, Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instructor

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  1. peter says:

    3630 hits 725 doubles,177 triples,475 hrs,Stan was a gap hitter who developed power as he got older,still 2nd all time in total bases..Great explanation of a swing that looks you might never teach the cobra peekaboo style (esp. in his younger years it was exagerated) but worked for him,and the head was very still and i marveled at his lightning quick hand and lots of torque that must of put wicked spin on the ball…Thanks for a great breakdown of my alltime favorite cardinal,heres his swing from another angle..http://clients.chrisoleary.com/portals/31/Clients/Hitting/Videos/Clips_Baseball_Pro/Clips_SD/StanMusial_C-Low_001_14-40_R.gif

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