Baseball Swing Breakdown: Harmon Killebrew

Written By: JK Whited

Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Harmon Killebrew

Harmon Killebrew was signed by the Washington Senators in 1954 at the age of 17 years old.  Like most players of this era of baseball, Killebrew had amazing lower half swing mechanics or patterns.  After watching a good number of swings, I was really impressed with how athletic and repeatable his swing was, especially with his footwork and his violent hip rotation.

Just like Mickey Mantle and Hank Aaron, Killebrew’s upper half mechanics were solid for the most part.  I believe players of this era where perhaps more “muscly” with their upper half at times and Killebrew showed some signs of that but overall he was still really good.  It was very apparent that he was trying to get uphill with his swing path in this derby and he does a phenomenal job of getting the barrel behind the ball.

Perhaps one of the more impressive things you’ll notice is his pre-landing hands and barrel action.  Killebrew has a nice barrel tip which he syncs up very nicely with the rest of his body.  This connection between his barrel movement and explosive hip action one of the main reasons his swing was so violent and fun to watch.

If you are interested in watching the Home Run Derby between Mickey Mantle and Harmon Killebrew, click here. Now let’s take a look at the great Harmon Killebrew’s swing.  Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on "Baseball Swing Breakdown: Harmon Killebrew"

  1. shawn says:

    I love when you guys break down the old school guys. These where the guys my grandfather used to talk about.

    I know how you guys also like to look at weird and bad hitting drills. Have you seen the rope bat. They had a video explaining how it works. It looks to good to be true. Have you guys done any work with it.

    1. jkhittingrebel says:


      Thanks for following. Yeah I really love doing those breakdowns. I will be doing one of those a month or so starting with this one. So get ready for more.

      Interesting concept on the ropebat video. Having not used one ever, I feel like it delays barrel acceleration too much and there fore too late. It is important for players to gain barrel awareness early in their growth as a hitter. This seems to not allow that purely because of the rope. Perhaps their is an upside though for someone and their particular feel for things.


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