Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Fred “The Crime Dog” McGriff

Written By: JK Whited

Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown:

Fred McGriff

As most of you know already, I really enjoy going back to look at some of baseball’s all-time great hitters. Fred McGriff played for many teams throughout his career that lasted over two decades. For me Fred McGriff will always be a Brave and I’ll never forget how good those mid 90’s Braves teams where. McGriff hit 493 home runs with somewhat of an unorthodox start to his swing and a more “out to in” approach.

I think most people will see Fred McGriff and immediately notice his stance being different than most. From seeing his stance those same people might think he “swings” differently because of how he looks in his stance. What they need to understand is that all great hitters swing the same way, regardless of how they look in their stance. I think what you’ll notice is how McGriff was able to use his 6’3 frame to create leverage and therefor, force.

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JK Whited – Leader of The Baseball Rebellion

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