Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: DJ LeMahieu

Written By: JK Whited

Baseball Rebellion Swing Breakdown:

DJ LeMahieu

DJ LeMahieu is only getting better each year.  The 28 year old Rockies sensation brought home the batting title this year with an average of .348.  After watching his swing, I noticed how often DJ was able to just get a hit because of how long his bat path was through release.  Like all good hitters at this level, DJ does a phenomenal job of getting early barrel acceleration behind his rear shoulder and turning it behind the ball.  This allows DJ to work and an extremely high efficiency level.  Although the home run numbers aren’t what they could be, DJ hit over 30 doubles this year and was still productive in that department.  With this type of consistency, we will continue to see big things from this kid for a long time.

JK Whited – Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instructor

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