Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown: Whitey Ford

Written By: Dave Shinskie

Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown:

Whitey Ford

Whitey Ford was a fun pitcher to do a Baseball Rebellion Pitching breakdown on his throwing mechanics. Ford won 236 games for the New York Yankees and had a career 236-106 record. He did have surgery at the end of his career however I believe this was just due to over use and age. He pitched 3,170 innings in 16 years, had 45 shutouts, and won a Cy Young Award in 1961. I love the way Whitey Ford uses his lower body out of both the windup and stretch. He moves extremely well down the mound and stays very strong and athletic through his upper body. They say that Whitey Ford did not have over powering stuff but changed speeds well and created deception through his movements. I love breaking down pitchers of this era because I simply believe their movements were far better than what we see in most pitchers today. Enjoy this week’s Pitching Rebellion Breakdown on Whitey Ford and feel free to post comments below.

Dave Shinskie – Leader of the Pitching Rebellion

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