Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown: Matt Harvey and Noah Syndergarrd Spring Training Bullpen

Written By: Dave Shinskie

Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown:

Matt Harvey & Noah Syndergarrd

In this Baseball Rebellion pitching breakdown we look at the New York Mets bigs guns, Matt Harvey and Noah Syndergarrd. I explain why Harvey has had arm trouble and will continue to experience tough times in the future. I understand both guys are throwing 2017 Spring Training bullpens in this video and are probably not going a full 100%. The problem I bring to light, has been the reasons for the Harvey’s surgeries and Noah’s future problems. I myself, was a pitcher and I have much respect for Harvey and Syndergarrd however, I know the mindset they have about pitching injuries and wanted to talk about it. They are very talented athlete’s and would be able to fix these problem areas fairly easily with better movement work. Please comment with your thoughts and reactions. Thanks for watching.

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